Stutters/Lags Coming Back (sighss...)

Is anyone here experiencing sttuters again since yesterday? Sim has been working fine after the new update until yesterday where stutters appear again which made the game unplayable…


Yes very much so. I know it’s happening because the cockpit starts flickering then for about 10-15 seconds there are stutters then it clears itself. This was an issue way back when the sim first launched. As far as I remember it was because the GPU or CPU was maxed out. They fixed it and now it appears to have returned

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after the update, the game is absolutely unplayable


It was unplayable even before the uodate


Runs smoothly here on the latest build. Have you tried clearing your rolling cache and rechecking your graphics settings (some did get reset for me). What are your system specs?

If you have Gsync, also try enabling the in-sim vsync and lock at 30 or 60 fps.


Last couple of days were really smooth for me but today it was stuttering again, and also now just had a CTD.

Server-side seems to be the problem, nothing has changed my side.


For those that haven’t yet done this: delete and then rebuild your rolling cache, to clear out any data and start anew.

If things are still bad, turn off photogrammetry for now.

It’s not a solution, it’s a workaround until Asobo can fix their game.


If it wasn’t ready for XBox,they should not have released it.


Nope. Still enjoying smooth performance with settings between medium and ultra. If anything, the clouds appear better since the latest update. Sorry to be a party pooper with positive comments, but the question was asked.

I4770K (4gz)
GTX 1080ti (11g ram)


Just for reference, after installing the patch, I went through this thread and followed Grabber523’s tuning procedure. I ended up with terrain LOD 400, object LOD 200, render scaling at 100% and all other graphic settings on Ultra and found the sim running perfectly smoothly – zero stutters.
I have an R7 5800X, 3080, ultrawide 1440 monitor, and 64GB 3600, rolling cache off, FPS capped at 30 in NvCP so mid-to-high-end, but I’ve never tried running at those completely maxed-out settings before. Frankly, I was astonished to see all of the metrics in the DevMode fps monitor green and fps consistently at 30 FPS. Even though this was GA at a municipal airport, it suggests to me that there’s nothing wrong with the update


The game is not Junk, it is a flawed but very good simulator that was probably rushed my Asebo because of mIcrosoft, however they have been working on incremental updates and I know, it looks like nothing is getting solved for you, but many issues are being fixed.

Give the game some time and it will be a master piece.
My only wish is to add DLSS support. I don’t know if it’s possible for such a huge game but if they did it, it would be the best flight simulator for many decades.


I am experiencing this annoying stutter every now and then. When flying it seems that after every minute or two a frequent micro pause occur, ramping my cpu temp up by 10 degrees. It cools down immediately after that.
Not sure why this happens, but the sim runs smooth other than that.
Flying the Kodiak with the WT Nxi mod between 40-45 fps in the air.

On the ground when panning or flying with the drone I’m getting some stutters too but not with the cpu temperature rise as mentioned earlier.

I recently experimented with isolating traffic settings, and their effect on stutters under odd, seemingly innocuous conditions. Leaving real-time traffic on, and all players visible, I settled on all the other traffic sliders set to 15. Maybe experiment with that a bit and see if it helps?


Hi grabber,

Thanks again for your help.

I don’t have any live traffic on.
Also the multiplayer option is switched to the off position.

Don’t you have any infrequent stutter throughout your flights that repeats itself after every few minutes?
It is best described as a short frame drop seen as a brief pause of a second that comes during the flight and repeats itself in a non frequent time frame.

I’m guessing it might be server related.
Is it easy to verify by just turning off all the data?

I haven’t noticed any random stutters in flight since reducing traffic sliders. Then again, maybe I have just blocked them out after all this time :laughing:

The only hitches I have been noticing since switching to the X.18 beta release and upgrading to a much, much more intense monitor have been due to having NeoFly running.

That has a very rhythmic hitch every 7-10 seconds, probably polling simconnect or something, idk, but it only happens with NeoFly active. You can see it on the dev fps as all CPU functions dropping to black for a split second. But NeoFly has always had the rhythmic hitching ever since I started using it. If I’m just doing MSFS, I get no hitching at all anymore, even panning in flight.

Are you certain that your renderthread and concurrentgtui meters aren’t spiking when you notice these pauses you describe?

Xbox not pc

Specs: i7-4790K, RTX 2070, 16 GB RAM, MSFS on its own SSD. But the specification does not matter, before the update 35 - 40 FPS, now 2 FPS in the menu, after a clean install, details on LOW (previous: MEDIUM - HIGH). It is not possible to build a new computer after each update.

I’m done. I uninstalled the simulator yesterday and will wait a year or so before the game is tuned. In the meantime, I’ll get a real pilot’s license.


Just took the F-16 out for a spin from Verona to Munich and had stutters constantly. Not something I had trouble with before. Interestingly enough it happened on the whole flight. Started shortly after take-off. I flew VFR and kept around FL 150 to 200 to and didn’t have one minute without the game freezing up and stuttering for a couple of seconds. The FPS always were in the high 30s to 45 max.

5950X with RTX 3070, LOD at 250. Live weather, multiplayer, Online AI Traffic and Rolling Cache all off. Also checked my internet connection which is steady at around 250Mbit/s

What metric is spiking on the dev mode fps counter?

With each stutter it’s as if the CPU cuts out. Interestingly enough when I check the Performance readout in the Task Manager, I can see the CPU load going down.
Also when flying high speed around the same area all the time, those stutters don’t occur. I’ve just been flying ten minutes up and down the same valleys where I had stutters flying in, but as long as I stayed there, there were no stutters. Also when flying at low speeds into “unfamiliar” terrain, the stutters are far less frequent.

I’m currently suspecting it has something to do with the downloaded content. Since my internet connection is ok, and is normally NOT running at max, my best explanation is a server-side problem.

I also checked with GoogleMaps textures. There the problem only occured when flying faster than Mach 1 and was far far less pronounced …

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