Stutters/Lags Coming Back (sighss...)

Did you do the world update delete that was floating around the forum a few weeks ago? There was some nastiness that I couldn’t track down, so I deleted and reinstalled all of the world updates and all other marketplace freeware, and my concurrentgtui thread calmed down a lot.

But if all of the metrics drop in the dev mode at the same time for a split second, I think it has something to do with simconnect polling, or something similar with 3rd party apps sending and receiveing sim data to stay in sync.

NeoFly has a very rhythmic, every 7-10 second blip where every meter goes black for like 1 frame. It always has, and probably always will. When I exit NeoFly, the blips stop as well. I would check for something like that with the dev counter next time you experience what you described.

Well if I do that, I can start over and install the whole thing again to make sure.

Yep, I can confirm the stutters flying forward especially when landing on larger airports ( :frowning: ), I see it in framerate as well. Btw when over 2000Ft over Agl, see less issues.

I’m used to low FpS, when flying forward mountains & trees & clouds I see 14-18, when flying back I get 18-23. Medium mode…

Well…yeah, pretty much. I have done full uninstall/reinstalls when sim updates have been released in the past. Sucks that it takes so long, but it’s really the only way to prevent bad files from being carried forward and messing stuff up.

CPU going down indicates slow server connection.

The sim is waiting for info ! CPU does the internet, not GPU.

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During take-off and landing (i.e. flying slowly) I had absolutely no problems so far. Even with EDDM from SimWings. In contrast I was flying at FL200 and had those repetitive stutters every 20-30s or so.
In my first flight I had the FPS capped via NVidia Control Panel to 45. On the second flight I just had VSync active at 60fps in MSFS and at FL200 got frame rates in the 50s until suddenly the sim stopped for several milliseconds.

Most larger airports that I noticed influencing performance were payware or hand-crafted Asobo airports. So that’s an easy thing to test by just deactivating them. I can rule that out in my case.

Since it almost went away using GoogleMaps textures (i.e. streaming from a different server), and since it increased with speed (which would mean MSFS had to stream more data faster than flying slowly) I would opt for a server issue

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hehe I wonder if we can really compare… I always fly low speeds, Cessna, Pilatus… under 5000 Feet or so, mostly at 1000… except in the mountains of course !

When you fly long distances above the clouds, do you keep life weather switched on all the time ? That involves server, it may slow things down a bit, and there were recent changes…

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actually my favourite planes are the Turbo Arrow III, the Spitfire Mk.IX, the BN Islander and the H135 (and from next week the TwinOtter). So I normally don’t spend much time at high speed nor at high altitude.
But when I want some real speed and fun I hop into the F-16 or the F-14 and do a little reckless public endangerment :wink: Since I normally have no stutters in the Turbo Arrow I was so irritated today, because I also had few problems in the fighters so far.
And no, I don’t always use live weather. I often like to pick one of the many presets and tweak it to my liking. Since normally I don’t fly huge distances I don’t care too much that the weather doesn’t change.

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Wow yeah jets… Complete noob here. I never managed to land this “Eurofighter” thing and don’t bother buying any other fighters sofar…

And speed won’t help when it’s a server issue ! especially when you fly low, you get a LOT of server transfer. Maybe this thing has to do with server overload ? Lots of kids got their MSFS for Christmas :smiley: guess Microsoft needs to upscale servers… when MSFS is profitable (and it seems so) then I trust they’ll do that…

Well we’ll see how it shakes out. I’m sure if the servers are overloaded they’ll notice and react. They must have some kind of gameplan for that. Server outages are the worst thing that can happen to them.

About the jets I’ll write you a PM. That’s too much off topic I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

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How can you tell for certain that there is an issue with a slow internet connection? (Technically Windows manages the Internet traffic through the appropriate network card driver.) Could the CPU waiting to read or write something to/from a disk? Or maybe waiting for the GPU? Or maybe waiting for Windows or another program? Or all of the above?

I don’t have a F-16 so I used the F-18. Same VFR flight plan at FL200. No stutters, about 35-40 FPS @ 4k, Network connection to my ISP is 150 Mbs. GPU runs at 100% HIGH/ULTRA mix, CPU about 9-15%. Current NVIDIA driver for my 2080ti. Set LOD at 250, turned weather and traffic off. Kept the rolling cache on all the time.


Interesting. Thanks. Time of day might also be a factor of course

There’s no definite cause… there are plausible causes. CPU could wait for GPU, but in that case you’d see GPU working very hard (100)

and that was definitely not the case with me. CPU load was going down during the stutters. Also if I’d be having CPU problems with a 5950X, the options for an affordable upgrade would be extremely limited…

Performance has dropped way off in the last couple of months.

My rig used to fly the TBM930 and FBW A320neo at an easy 35-40fps sustainable even in the busiest of locations, so I flew with Vsync30. This was with many settings on Ultra and LOD up high. It really was pretty good - but the fps would drop lower and lower throughout the flight.

Now with the latest patch, I have settings down to High or Medium, and it’s stuggling to hold 20fps, and someof the dreaded long pauses have come back - the ones where you think it is about to CTD. I’ve had two CTDs recently, one when parked up at an airport. One in the air.

My rig is completely underutilised while providing these poor performance figures. GPU at 20-30%, CPU at 40%, tons of spare RAM, 500mpbs ethernet hardly touched.

I’m not encouraged to fly the sim any more since the last update due to the poor GFX performance. 7fps on approach is such an immersion killer.

I want to love this sim, but it keeps kicking me in the teeth.

And I feel I’ve made a more than decent effort at Zendesk reports over the last 20 months including Alpha/Beta.

But the product is just not stable. One release is works with certain critical problems. The next release, a couple of things get fixed, the performance decreases, and we get some new critical bugs. Repeat ad nausium.

It’s hard to see how this situation can ever improve until there is at least two levels of release - bleeding edge and stable. Right now we all get the same thing, apart from the small beta prior to the last update. But that doesn’t seem to have overcome the quality control issues either.

I’m still not convinced that the only way to improve the situation is to have “Stable” and “Beta” releases. I still think that developing one fork of the program for PC and another fork for Xbox might get us there much more painlessly while improving stability on both platforms.

MFS has become the most used flight simulator in the world. I’d therefore bet a fair sum that MS/Asobo can afford two development teams at this point. One wouldn’t have to duplicate every coder at Asobo, because I imagine that many of the teams’ outputs would fit into both forks. Just speculation, as I’m neither a game developer nor even a computer professional.
But everything was progressing nicely until the dreary day when SU5 was released. It wasn’t always this way; it all started with Xbox.

Streaming graphics on the fly for gaming has been attempted in the past with poor results and IMO is the problem here also. Its still not ready for prime time which presents a significant issue for this sim even when you have the vast resources of MS

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I turned real time traffic off and do not have stutters any more. I noticed this especially in areas where there were a high number of airports or airport traffic especially.

Maybe others can test this as well. I should also try photogrammetry off , live traffic on and see if it’s just a data download issue or if traffic is the issue specifically

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Here you go:

I also noticed that the traffic sliders seem to have enough of an effect on overall CPU load/performance that just by lowering them, you should be able to leave real-time traffic, online player traffic, and photogrammetry enabled.

On my system, PG on, real-time traffic, and all players visible works great with the rest of the traffic sliders at 15.

If you have decent internet, then just lowering traffic sliders and verifying mainthread latency should be all you need to smooth it out, in addition to taking the steps to set GPU and LOD settings previously discussed, of course.

You should only see improvement from messing with PG and streamed-in traffic if your internet service or the game servers are sh!tting the bed.

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