Stutters Stutters and more stutters

One fps 59 to 60 made all the difference to me.
Much improved

Exactly also when looking around with mouse

Thanks guys, I will try it today. Quick quedtion, why increasing the GPU load will reduce a CPU bottleneck? Dont they suppose to focus on different thinks? I understand that my GPU may have spare cycles but why loading it will give more cycles to the CPU?



I do not think that the jerking is due to us end users. Some of us have extremely expensive high-end computers and experience the stutters and the XBOX version should run better than it ultimately does too… my personal opinion is that the game is either not programmed properly or the servers are overloaded and it does reloading of terrain / scenery comes to jerks.

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I don’t think anyone really knows why but I have a strong suspicion it has to do with scheduling data transfered into vram. Mainthread limited is causing wait the cycles. I’m going to bump my ram to 4000MHz for a small test although I doubt it will make a difference as latency doesn’t improve with AMD infinity timings.

Edit: scrap that, my 4000 timings no longer works since I added more ram (same SKU and jedec but a different batch). It probably wouldn’t have improved things anyway.

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Nothing reduces the CPU bottleneck. There isn’t a CPU on the market that can run this sim at 60fps in all conditions, especially in high density (high render load) conditions. Slowing down the GPU by increasing the load allows your CPU room to think between frames.

The explanation is all in this thread:


i dont have stutters on very low hardware. i think its mainly the 4k users having those.

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I never played on 4K. Are you telling us that the stuttering is a luxury problem? :rofl:

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Well, frankly, yeah. People with lower-end GPUs are already GPU-bound, so the CPU isn’t sh!tting itself trying to render frames to send to a GPU that is bored, waiting for something to do. Everyone with a 20 or 30 series Nvidia GPU, or a 60 series AMD is chasing their tails in circles messing with graphics settings (going lower and lower) or even worse, messing with .cfg settings and increasing LOD (which is LITERALLY THE OPPOSITE of what they need to be doing) trying to get rid of all those pesky stutters, and raging about how the game isn’t optimized (whatever they think that means), when in reality they’re just not paying attention to the way this sim uses the hardware.

I have a 3060ti, use DSR to render in 4k, 70% render scale in-game, all settings maxed to load my GPU properly, despite my monitor’s resolution being only 1080p. You must eat your FPS with the GPU. There is no getting around it. Because there isn’t a CPU on the market that can render frames fast enough to prevent stutters unless you are solidly GPU-Bound.


And how can you do that ? I have a 3090.

Once all of your graphics settings are maxed out, increase render scaling until you are at or just under 32ms render latency for the GPU on the dev mode FPS monitor. If you follow the link I posted earlier, and read the thread, the entire procedure is laid out.

If you can’t get 32ms render latency for the GPU with the in-game settings (which equates to rendering in 8k, so I doubt you will have any headroom left), message me, and I’ll let you know the next steps to take.


Thanks a lot for all the explanations, I will follow those advices.

I understand the hardware limitations and the need for GPU util but something has really changed as before the off-screen pre cache update I have never experienced stutters, same hardware and settings as before. But hey, probably is some sort of optimization like the popping issue that introduced this demand to the CPU.

I just run it on my 1080p , no 4k or anything fancy and my FPS are always above 35.

Really appreciate the tipa guys!


Each sim update lately has had LOD and graphics load changes. You have to re-verify your settings to get your latencies back on target after a sim update, until Asobo stops shunting loads across hardware with each update.


I am in the same situation with you. I have 45FPS in the air, no issues, however coming in to land it turns into a stutter fest. Only started happening with SU7. All settings are the same. Haze, or whatever it is supposed to be is awful too. 2nd worst update yet.

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Unless you have a very high end setup isn’t maxing out all your graphics settings and then turning up the LOD sliders and render scale slider going to just completely tank your FPS?

I’ve got a 5600X and RTX 3080 and I’ve noticed live air traffic and live multiplayer is a big source of stuttering for me. I know Asobo optimised online functionality a while back but its clearly still a big CPU hitter given the right set of circumstances. I recommend turning it all off if you’re having issues to see
if thats a source of problems for you. It definitely was for me.

I love playing with it on, it brings the world to life but I’m aware now that if there’s issues its more likely than anything else that that’s the cause. I think maybe the 6 core 5600X struggles under load with the sim.

Read my post again, I don’t have a problem. I can’t see your specs but you should lower things like LOD and traffic and possibly raise gpu heavy settings … somewhere in the middle is ideal and if that means your fps drops too low you can reduce renderscale a notch to get the frames back.


Tank? No.

Put them more in line with what the Developers have said time and time again that this sim is designed to run at? Yes.

They have literally designed the sim to run at 30fps at 4k, on current hardware. And that 30 fps is absolutely limited by how much current high-end CPUs can do.

If you sat down and tuned your system using the method I explained to you last night, it should make more sense what they mean by that.

Ok I will give it a fair try and see how different it is from the way I have it set up now which I thought was pretty smooth and for the most part stutter free.

Hello, does anyone else have the issue when stutters are present during cruise or after takeoff? It’s silky smooth for me on the ground but then mainthread and coherentgtui produce MASSIVE stutters for me in the air. It’s most noticeable on the 787, to the point where I just quit flying that aircraft. It’s the same issue with everything offline and everything using online functionality. Sorry if this has been mentioned earlier, I didn’t read the whole thread.

Specs: i9-10850k
RTX 3070
32GB ram