SU10 been postponed?

Has SU10 been postponed until mid-September?

That’s what it says in the roadmap…

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Yes. Too many issues to fix before release according to their Q&A.


Yes for at least 2 weeks possibly longer.

Seems like a good Beta so far, I wouldn’t go back to SU9. Although DX12 seems to be hit or miss depending on individual’s hardware and settings.


dont know why im not surprised…
in the end thats what developers does. Give a release date and postpone weeks and weeks…


Basically, early SU10 builds were running faster but they were seeing problems on some people’s machines. They removed some of the changes in later builds trading speed for stability, and are working to get a build that’s both fast and stable.

It’s not a case of feature creep or biting off more than they can chew, it’s reacting to feedback from the beta.

Sure, a delay is always disappointing, but it’s absolutely the right call, and what the community has been asking for. If SU10 came out slower than SU9, or “faster for 98% of users but just crashes on the other 2%” a lot of folks around here would be justifiably upset.


I said awhile back “watch out guys” and I was right. I knew this was gonna happen. All threads and posts pointed towards it. My intuition was right. I’m still in “offline” mode and looks like I will be for some time. Disappointing to say the least. :disappointed: But the bright side to it is, if it’s needed to get the SIM right, then so be it. I’ll patiently wait.


Good. It’s a lot better than shipping an ultra-buggy forced update, and then having the sim become unusable until they can get a hotfix out.


A rushed update is always bad, but a delayed update is eventually good, or something like that


You’d rather they release on time but at a worse state with a lot of bugs instead?


I‘ll lean out of the window by saying „that‘s what the sales / marketing department does: fixes a random - but precise - release date and then keeps bothering and blaming the development department why they cannot keep up.“

And if a company announces a „when it is ready“ half of their client base goes berserk: „Where‘s the communication?!“

And when you are being transparent and announce a delay - no matter how early or sincerely you try to „still make it“ - the other half of your user base goes „See!? Told you so! Nothing but empty promises of them lazy developers!“

Rule #1 of any software development project: the only thing that is absolutely clear, well understood and agreed upon by all project stakeholders (except development) from the very beginning is… the release date. No matter the complexity or degree of unknowns…

Developers: ■■■■■■ if they do and ■■■■■■ if they don‘t.

Steeler (a developer ;))


For me, the sim in it’s present form runs stable (I‘m not participating in the SU10 Beta).

So, I really don‘t care if SU10 gets delayed by a week, a month or whatever - In the meantime, I just enjoy my flights every evening…


Right, not rushed is what we want and what many of us asked for actually.


Good, Good, Good.

Ship it when it’s ready. Let the release dates be flexible.


It’s a mess currently. Suspending it was the right decision.


SU10 was initially pushed back 1 month to allow more time so that they wouldnt end up pushing out a buggy release. The fact that they now have to postpone a already postponed release should be worrying 2 years after release.

Its like people forgot that SU10 was pushed back another month to assure quality.

I agree with not releasing a buggy product, but on the other hand Im worried about the quality and competence if your release cycles are getting MORE buggy and problematic over time.


The people sniping at them for postponing it would be the first to complain if it was released unfinished.


The latest SU10 Beta has major performance issue… it is worse than SU9 (current live version).

I agree 100% to postpone it because current performance on SU9 is already worse than the previous releases. I cannot stand to have more and more performance degradation over each SU updates.


I’d rather see them push back release and get it right vs rolling out a broken sim that we have to endure for at least 2 months before the next update rolls around. I’m ok with this. It’s much better than the “■■■■ the torpedoes, full speed ahead” approach we’ve seen in the past where they release updates despite all the known bugs.

Now, whether or not it will be worth the wait (as in, will they actually get it working right?) remains to be seen.