SU12 + FSUIPC Stuttering - Fix Is On The Way

Posted in the Fenix Discord tonight.


Dumb question. How do you upgrade FSUIPC? I don’t recall ever installing it, but I know that when I use Mobiflight is uses FSUIPC.

You have to go to their website and download the new one.

Just google FSUIPC and it’ll come up :slight_smile:

Then just install overtop of the older version.

I’ll have to do some poking around. I’ve been to the site with the download so no issues there.

However when I look at installed programs on my PC, it is not shown, but as I mentioned before, I’m pretty sure my Mobiflight install uses it, but perhaps that was installed by Mobiflight. The .DLL is in the Mobiflight directory.

New FSUIPC version is out:


so do we need to aplly the workaround now or its fixed?

It sounds like if you download the latest version, that’s all you now need to do.

You still need to apply the fix.

The latest version was just compiled against the SDK, but the message spewing that seems to contribute to stuttering still persists.

By adding NumberOfPumps=0 to the ini, this stops and seems (for allot of folks on the Discord I am in) fixes the issue.

I just helped someone with this an hour ago who has a 4090 and was a stuttering mess. He implemented this and the stutters went away.

You won’t hurt anything by testing it out.


Thank you just tried it without the fix before reading your reply and yes it was a mess, ill apply the fix now

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Where is this FSUIPC7.ini file? I did a search on C: and then on D: and I can find no such file.

You have to run the program once for the .ini to be generated.
It will be in the same folder as the fsuipc exe.

well i was running an old version unknowingly that wasn’t getting started but msfs was running fine… installed the new version, which includes this line in the ini and i am getting those stutters again, take offs and landings! i suspect its the rapid inputs of the yoke myself as that seems to be where i see it most! think i will ditch a pilots life v2 if i have to keep this cancer of an addon installed! whatever onair is using works seamlessly it seems!

Are you sure that line is in the .ini?

It does not come with the install, so you may want to double check the version and the line.