SU5, and?

I’m still waiting for my download to finish, but i’m really curious how the SU5 is working out for the VR experience? Has somebody already had the oppertunity to try it?

Still downloading and wondering about same thing :slight_smile:

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Downloaded. Crash when enter VR on Quest 2

In rural areas I get a stable 30fps in 80% in-game render scale, everything maxed out and 20-25fps at 100% render scale everything maxed out. I have very few stutters, and even 20-25fps looks smooth enough for normal gameplay.

In down town New York I get the same fps as above, with a few dips below 20fps at 100% render scale, which is simply amazing to me! There’s a bit of black areas when moving my head around fast, and stuff in the distance takes a little bit to render in when I turn my head fast, but it is VERY playable even maxed out at 100% in downtown New York!(edited)

Now keep in mind that I have maxed out all settings in my above testing on a HP Reverb G2 running on a RTX3080/Ryzen 3700x combo. I am sure the frames will be higher with settings turned down. I do not see the same performance gain as advertised in earlier testing of the new update in normal mode (+20-50% gains) but I do see noticeable performance gains in VR especially in heavily populated areas! For me the key to good VR gameplay is consistency in frames with few stutters, and so far it delivers on this! I am sure there are plenty of optimizations to be done in terms of the settings, but I wanted to max it out to stress test first.

The bad news is that it crashes to desktop a lot after the update (both in and outside of VR)…

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what is your refresh rate set on the quest 2. i know if you have it 90hz it gets abit unstable and at 120hz refresh wil crash the sim every time.

Haha, not the most promising report!

I saw in the patch notes there is a known issue about connecting peripherals… Maybe better to switch to VR in the menu?

Mine still downloading… slowly…

Its working!
Q2, max resolution with 120Hz. In sim 100% Render scale, setting mostly high-ultra

I was flying over Los Angeles, landing on KLAX - very smooth. First time without crash ever. This is my test area.
After new patch i can’t flygin over LA on Q2 4192x2128
Four flights in one session, without switching between non-vr / vr mode

PS. No need to exit VR.

And - Oculus mirror for me working better!

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?? those two statement contradict each other. Sorry need to know I fly over LA and my patch is still downloading!

After new patch you can’t fly over LA but it didn’t crash? Was that a typo?

I have not tried VR yet but I keep getting CTDs about 15 minutes after starting the sim. Have had 3 CTDs and the 3rd was after a full restart.

10 to 15 fps increase on my ‘home’ airfield. Great, thanks asobo for keeping a promise

9900, 3080 and a reverb g1


sorry, im so excited.
Before update*

My english not good ;(

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For those who have already tried the update - would you please post your GPU and CPU type?


RTX3070, 16GB Ram, Ryzen 7 3700X

Guys, Asobo is serous about clearing your Community folder. Use Addon Linker so you can disable and enable everything in a single click. Or just rename it. I know for sure at least 2 of third party addons in my Community folder are causing CTDs with it. And some just don’t work. So test with all stock first, then you’ll know… It’s very likely that CTDs are caused by Addons.

Things will be updated by many developers soon to make their addons compatible with SU5.


Did you update all your content via Content Manager? There is additional 20+ GB that need to be updated.

Not yet. That is the next thing I am working on. Hopefully, that fixes it.

I am seeing about 20% gain in FPS both in 2D 4K and in Reverb G2. It also seems to have fixed the CTD issue that AMD GPU users with G2 have been experiencing for the last 8 months. The first time I was able to finish a leg of a bush trip without crashing.

I went from 21 fps to 34 fps in VR without any setting changes. Now I can take my settings off of medium and set them on high and raise my OXR slider a notch or two.
My Specs:
i9 10 core 20 thread overclocked to steady 5 gHz
RTX 2070 (not overclocked at the moment)

It does improve VR dramatically to the point that the TBM, not the easiest plane to work with in VR, is now smooth, the screens are readable. There is some glitching with the new tool tips feature in VR on the TBM that caused a crash when using the overhead switches. Other planes are just fine, even over London with PG on, multiplayer on and zooming around in the Pitts special. This is with an OQ2, RTX 3070, AMD 3900x. If we can get world scaling and some bug fixes we would be about 95% of the way there with this thing.

Well…I feel as if I’ve been tricked. A while ago I posted that I went from 21 fps to 34 with the update. What I didn’t know is that the update lowered my VR Render scale to 80! After putting the setting back to 100 I find my true fps is now about 25. So I went from 21 to 25. I’ll take all I can get but I feel bummed out that they tricked me.