SU5 graphics quality

Would you care to link to any post in that thread where I have made any such suggestion?

Fair enough, I think we agree on enough and can let the differences be sorted in the updates.:+1:

i actually wouldn’t say the shimmering is subtle in 4k. Not sure about lower resolutions, but its incredibly distracting in 4k

Not really, probably long deleted - and as I have already said, I am done with you.

Or more simply because I never made any such suggestion at all.

I’ve just posted a series of screenshots (see below).

They are showing a bug which you can spot when comparing the same scene, with the same settings, between 3D and VR modes:

This doesn’t tell this is a SU5 specific graphics bug, because I’ve been observing it since they’ve added VR, but this is showing what looks like an actual discrepancy in the Shader code between 3D and VR modes.

Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised there are other similar discrepancies between SU4 and SU5 that went under the radar too, especially when consider the Shader bug I’m illustrating when comparing 3D and VR modes has been there for nearly 8 months already and it can easily go unnoticed if this is not specifically tested in QA for example, or if any VR “todo” has been put on the side for the last 8 months too:


Seriously? Do you get paid to post this stuff?

Look, I’m glad you think the sim is perfect and SU5 didn’t screw anything up for you, but I really don’t understand your personal vendetta against those of us who do see the visual downgrades. Maybe you’re just afraid that by fixing it they’ll mess something up for you. I suppose that’s a reasonable concern, given that’s exactly what they did to us in SU5.

I get that you don’t want to keep reading the complaints. Nobody is forcing you to, so why torture yourself? The complaints will continue until the sim is fixed, and as long as people like you insist on telling people like me that we don’t know what the hell we are seeing with our own eyes.


Can you quantify your issues with the sim? Please show me, in a clear and concise way (without resorting to vague, 3rd party reports) exactly what you think the problems are.

Because, so far, I have only seen people talk about ‘massive downgrades’ making the sim ‘unplayable’ but nobody has managed to show anything other than the acknowledged issues - and given the claimed severity, shouldn’t it be pretty easy to demonstrate the issue conclusively?

I’m not going to “quantify” anything for you. I’ve explained my experience here and elsewhere, as have others. And frankly, it doesn’t really matter what you think because you aren’t going to fix the downgrades or bugs or whatever you want to call the issues, unless you’re an Asobo dev lurking here in disguise. I highly doubt that, in fact I’m starting to believe you are just a simple troll.


Can you provide a link to the video?

So, now I am a troll? Simply for asking people to state their issues clearly and concisely and show some corroboration?

The fact that nobody, so far, has managed to do this simple thing (and most then get incredibly defensive and retreat into more vagueness), certainly seems to speak more clearly than any of the complainants have so far.:man_shrugging:

If you put the game in 4k on a large 4k screen and dont see shimmering/weirdness all over the place, idk what to tell you

I am on a 32 inch 4K screen and don’t see any shimmering?

Under what circumstances does it happen? How can I best attempt to reproduce it?

I am using all Ultra+ but happy to try different settings.

Constantly on surfaces in and out of the cockpit like around screens, worst on buildings and far away skinny objects
I also have strange diagonal shimmery lines on the pavement at airports


Maybe you need glasses? The difference is obvious.


I just don’t see that at all, sorry.

What is your system spec? How many others have experienced this, and has anyone isolated any connecting factors?

Edit: thinking about it, I have seen something similar on glass or shiny buildings, either when viewed from certain angles or traversing in a particular way? I have always dismissed this as part of the ongoing reflections issues as it seems to have many similarities - could that be the same thing (or at least part of it) that you are describing?

You are missing the point entirely.:roll_eyes:

We are talking about comparing two 4K images that have been cropped and combined, then downsized to 1214x991 pixels and compressed down to 472KB - the visual integrity of the original images has been ruined, making any comparison largely meaningless, particularly when compression is one of the factors you want to compare! How do you tell what compression was done by the sim and what was done by Photoshop or whatever was used? It wouldn’t be that much more valid than sketching each image on a napkin, then comparing those!

Nope. Just look at the objects and textures. Cropping, combining, and downsizing doesn’t create new objects and textures.

It won’t create new objects but it can and will alter the textures. It can also reduce the fidelity of the images significantly.

This isn’t conjecture - comparing the image quality of 2 images AFTER they have been downsized and compressed (especially using unknown methods) is simply not a valid comparison.

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You can keep saying what you’re saying but as I’ve said in my previous post, the difference is obvious. If you don’t see it, not sure how to help you.