SU5 graphics quality

We have heard many opinione regarding the low graphics quality after the update, but do we know the opinion of ASOBO?
In my opinion is not possible to merge the XBOX version and the PC one, becasue is not the same, and I think that is a big mistake.
Are different players with different interes.
Xbox is an arcade player
I would like to know the opinion of ASOBO ABOUT this


Sure it isnt possible to mix great PC performance with ugly Xbox stuff, for sure. What else. This is common sense!
But asobo did this. For me a shame for asobo.
Why, because they know what get after this mix, a massiv visual downgrade.
They have to fix this, ASAP!


i think quality is the same, but cache quantity degrade heavy, so in wu6 talking about remove popup things by change cache, i guess by pc quality, so may be with wu6 we’ll found new option, cache scenery low-end mid-end high-end ultra for differents cpu/gpu/ram/vram rigs

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No, there is a massiv graphical downgrade.


AND. No hotfix will repair this.
The only way to the quality before SU5 is, to rollback this update.
But this wont asobo do, never.
So this game is broken for me. I cannot fly anymore. I wont get back my money, such software i didnt buy.


At the beginning of the MS2020, in an interview with die-hard simmers, was asked why MS was interested in sim again: here is the answer:
I am here to make money for MS. This came out of the mouth of the guy from MS.


may be, i notice only white lines aura in some panel(bell47 inclinometer) trees with backgrounded water, and some ground places like asphalt strips or green ground or maybe it’s everywhere just with different angle of view, but most ugly thing for me it’s popup everything - textures, objects, grass, even grass now can appear after you land there, i guess it’s was before, but it was not noticable, now, when they cut ram/vram usage, it’s looks not very good, i would say acceptable, but edgeble with unacceptable, worth it better performance? may be yes, even at good system, but not at very best systems i guess like rtx3090, i stay with 2080ti, because 3090 not good enough for cyberpank with my monitor resolution 3440x1440, so thank god i don’t drop money for this, and will update all system in 22y with next rtx generation(don’t think intel or amd will good enough for competition)… any way, i just don’t see graphical problem, exclude - white blinking lines glitch and popup graphic… ah, lightnings in clear sky from horizon to horizon lol

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That makes zero sense on almost all possible levels.


Another pointless post. Where did you get the idea that Xbox is an arcade player? That PC and Xbox are different?

I have been playing flight simulation since FS2002. Since I am currently a student and cannot afford a PC worth £1,000+, I am now therefore on my Xbox Series X, having the time of my life. Why? Because for only £500, I have the sim that I have dreamt of for the past 12 months. I am happy I didn’t waste £1,000+ away, just for one single video game. It is, after all, a video game that’s meant to entertain us. On FSX, I logged thousands of hours on the PMDG 737, PMDG 777 and FSL A320, meaning I am a rather serious simmer. So where do you get the idea that Xbox players have different interests? I, and many other Xbox users, are just as equal as PC users. And I am ready for Aerosoft and PMDG to finally arrive on Xbox.

Honestly man, I really do hope Asobo continues what it’s doing, because I am getting pretty tired of the toxicity and elitism from the PC community on here.


My guess is maintaining two code paths is harder than maintaining one, so they make the XBOX and PC version of the sim on the same level.

Sucks, but even back in the day, games were designed for console hardware first, then ported to PC later. If at all.

We all know the dev team Masobo have done it intentionally, so it definitely is not only Asobo’s fault. Most likely it was MS that forced them to carry out the downgrade for the sake of Xbox game.

I’m sure however that it will eventually change, 'cause it has to.


Of course not all players of xbox are arcade ones, but im pretty sure that in xbox you will not be able to install pmdg or make your own cockpit. You will be very limited to 10 butttons of the xbox controller.
I actually have a 737 completed cockpit that will never run in xbox

Thats all


Apart from the pop-up graphics, I see no major difference at all, and I have used Ultra settings since release ,and we should be thankful that MS made it possible to play this sim on Xbox, otherwise it would probably never have become a reality.


Too late lol, PMDG already said their products will be on Xbox, at least their DC-6. Aerosoft is also testing their CRJ on Xbox. There are no limitations here.


And…the xBox Series X is more powerful in every way than more than half the PC’s running the sim!


Well, you didn’t say who exactly said that, but so what? Of course the goal is to make money, and you should be happy that it does. Otherwise MSFS wouldn’t exist, and you’d be off playing some other game. Or nothing at all, if you resent game makers making money off of their creations in general.

With very few exceptions, games exist to create a profit. The company you work for makes a profit, too, otherwise how would they pay you?

Profit is not evil. Quite the opposite.



Because in general, they do.

Just because you are an exception to the general rule does not change the general rule. The fact is most Xbox MSFS users are looking for a game experience. They’re not subscribing to Navigraph (if such a thing is even possible on Xbox), they’re not flying hardcore IFR flights more or less within FAA regs, and using proper procedures, and they wouldn’t know how to read an approach plate if you handed them one.

And all of this is just fine! People want what they want, and those who want a game experience can find one in MSFS. But one beauty of the product is that it can make casual gamers and hardcore simmers both happy with the same program.

One thing you need to remember, and it’s something that I point out to myself from time to time as well, is that gamers, and many if not most Xbox owners tend to be younger, less mature, and less interested in the “boring” aspects of flight. Like a long cruise portion of a flight, learning complex engine start procedures, or even taxiing to the runway. Instead, they opt to (generally speaking) start ON the runway, fly outside the airplane, with no flight plan or destination in mind, and have fun doing so. And except for starting on a runway at a popular airport in a multiplayer environment (which is not cool), that sort of usage is great. It creates a much larger audience that pays for the sim and addons, and over time, will push at least some of those into an actual real world aviation career.

There are exceptions to that, and you are one. But at the risk of repeating myself, that doesn’t change the facts that most Xbox users are not like you.

Today, perhaps. But it won’t be that way 2 or 3 years from now, and if the console itself sticks to what has been a traditional upgrade path, the Xbox itself will be the same for another 4-5 years minimum.


In my opinion the arrival of the Xbox version is a huge step forward for MS/Asobo as they bring more players to the one sim (and Xbox is simply a PC with defined specifications)

Xbox brings both casual and more hardcore players, just as PC currently has, so a community with both shared and different interests.

The Xbox audience will also encourage more ‘scenario based’ additions which many of us can enjoy (providing funding for the more hardcore aspects)

A big success I think. (I’m sure Asobo agrees) :blush:


Well, you could try, because you are not limited if you have custom build it yourself, like your own programming. Are you are up to the challenge?


You must be a newbie: the fact he totally dismissed the die-hard simmers that held the flight sim afloat for almost 20years shows me that they don’t care what you, me, and everybody else think.