SU5 graphics quality

I don’t think the quality is different, it seems they just lowered everything, so high and ultra are what used to be medium and high, or something along those lines.

There are also glitches with the lighting, and I’m almost certain the clouds look uglier, repetitive, and more generic than before (although who knows, maybe they were actually that repetitive all along).

But we can drive a go-cart in the sim now. So, if we don’t like how the sim looks in the air, we can have some fun on the ground while they fix things :slight_smile:

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Nah, plenty of people with real high-end systems were able to push the boundaries before, for the rest of us the sim looks much better than before thanks to all the optimizations with a performance we never experienced before. It seems many of the high-end crowd would prefer us lesser simmers to have the issues we had before just so they have can have their exclusive experience back.


The simple thing to do is have a graphis setting option for Xbox and PC


With all due respect, that’s a ridiculous statement. Of course we want our experience back. Why would anyone want a degraded experience?

This has nothing whatsoever to do with wanting “lesser simmers” to have issues. I’m all in favor of Asobo optimizing the sim to give you a better experience. If they do it right it should give everyone a better experience.

It sounds like you are the one who thinks folks who paid for higher end machines should be punished for it. Dumbing things down to give everyone the same mediocre experience is unacceptable. If you want a high-end experience, go save your money to upgrade your hardware like the “high-end crowd” did.


Nah, rather all the crowd complaining about degraded graphics wants us to suffer again and be punished for not being able to get our hands on the top-tier cards. When I look at my screen now, with all ultra settings, I really wonder how marvelous it was for you guys before, as I am just in awe at the graphics. Funny thing, C.W. Lemoine did a video trying out this sim few months after it came out with a a system that could run ultra at the time, I replicated the flight few days back and quite honestly was not bale to tell a difference. REAL (former) CESSNA PILOT Flies MSFS 2020 For the FIRST TIME (LIVE) - YouTube

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Well I’m going to guess that you aren’t a VR user. I have a 2080 S which is not exactly a top tier card, and in VR with a Valve Index it is most definitely a degraded experience. But I guess that’s ok as long as you see some improvement on your hardware, right?


I am indeed a VR user. I have invested in first quest 2, as my old HTC Vive did not cut it at all, and then HP reverb G2, as well as upgraded my g-card to only by chance available and affordable 2nd hand 2070s. I have the most smooth VR experience since the SU5. It still isn’t what I would like it to be in terms of overall clarity, but the smoothness I get now I never had before.

WOW mate, really? You can’t afford even a ‘entry-level’ £1000 rig and you think you have more knowledge of those with £5000 rig’s (mine is currently at AU$6500) and I can assure you that there are countless other games and simulators that are aimed towards hi-end computers, every new feature comes from game developers pushing the industry for better gear.


I agree.
The future audience for Microsoft Flight Simulator is only going to grow larger with the advent of cloud gaming and game pass, pretty soon you won’t even need to own a console to play.

Website: Microsoft Xbox, news

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Knowledge has nothing to do with how much your gaming rig cost or how much money you have.


A good point, with xCloud arriving on older generation Xbox One, that could be an even bigger audience. It remains to be seen how responsive MSFS would be over xCloud, but as much of MSFS is already delivered from the cloud, it’s just a matter of time and technology. Similarly, any old (below minimum spec) PC could likely do the job in future as well. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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The graphics quality is the same? No chance. Ultra Clouds took a huge hit and many other things that have been reported over and over. We still don’t the know the reason from the horses mouth.


I am not a constant VR user, but I run both…a lot. They are both degraded experiences. Clouds looks silly at times, that was NEVER the case before when using the Ultra setting. I have a 2080Ti card and it could have never looked better. As far as overall settings, I would have other items toned down and leave Clouds on Ultra. That amazing granularity has been taken away



I want to remind everyone to stay on-topic. This discussion is about the visuals after SU5 and it shouldn’t be a topic to discuss the differences between XBOX and PC players.

Please refer to the MSFS SOP:

  • One World, One Community - Not matter how you play – regardless of console, experience level, or reason – we are one community of aviation lovers.

Perhaps the high-end crowd is just salty because they were encouraged to cram thousands of dollars into hardware beforehand, only to be downgraded to entry-class level by the software.

Anyway, i hope the old graphic comes back.


Well yes. Of course they have to make money. It is a business after all.

I don’t think that’s even the problem. The real issue lies in the fact that civilian flight simming (none shooters), at the level we simmers expect these flight simulators to be, are a niche product.

I personally am ok with some compromises in graphics. MSFS still offers the most beautiful scenery and weather, compared to the competition.

What I am sad about though is the fact that little has been done to improve the realism of the “flight” simulation, be it with avionics, auto pilot, engine torque factors etc.

I understand that MS wants to onboard as many customers as possible and wants the title to run on the console. Fine. That all does not stand in the way to improve the before mentioned issues.

Jörg promised us that this product would also be a true flight sim for the enthusiast community, and I still hope he will hold to his promise.


Antialiasing that came with SU5 is ugly. Building and trees look pixelated and shimmery. Disgusting. Haven’t played post SU5.


Yes this would help…unless the rumours that the texture resolution and model poly count of streamed and autogen world assets have been reduced are true.
Simply dragging a slider to the extreme maximum setting won’t change that.

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Absolutely. I totally agree.
However, in any discussion of the loss in visual fidelity post SU5/Xbox launch it is valid to discuss the differences in hardware, if for no other reason than a lot of changes were made visually to allow the software to run at acceptable frame rates on a device with limited potential which cannot be hardware upgraded.

To ignore this would be dishonest.


Approach into Florence today on Ultra was very very ugly. So much pop in. Trees barely rendered a few miles out. Almost certain this is a network issue. My data usage during the last month I’d about 5 times less than it has been before. I have great internet here in S Korea and same issues recently with Photogrammetry and terrain pop in with and without VPN. Wish we could get true ultra back. Feels like they didn’t expand server capacity for Xbox release and toned down what the game renders as a result to save cash.