SU5 Orbis DC-10 doesn't fly

Hi all,

I have a problem with DC-10 Orbis. This plane never flies in any area.
Presing the Fly button is impossible. Have you any idea ?

screen :

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This aircraft is not flyable. It’s just a model to explore.


You can explore in the hangar mode only, then switch to cockpit and use the keys to navigate.

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This is something that is pretty pointless in my mind. I hope they release a flyable version or someone mods it. What a wasted effort when most users want to fly. I think it would be great for missions etc.asobo could have easily done this as part of the xbox release and made specific flying challenges or even a continent tour or something.


Thx, it’s OK in hangar mode ! :smiley:

For me, it’s a complete waste of my sim resources to have a non-flyable aircraft in my fleet. It does not interest me to walk around inside an airframe in the hanger but not be able to operate it. I’d rather spend my time flying.

For those that like to do this, have a good time.

I have to agree with those saying this is rather pointless. I feel bad for being negative about it because it gives publicity to a good cause I guess, but putting a new plane you can’t fly in our flight simulator is a bit of a joke. Not the type to fly airliners myself but just on general principles… of course if they made it “flyable” like the default airliners are “flyable” maybe it’s just as well they didn’t bother.

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If you think it’s pointless, simply don’t download it.

It’s completely free and meant to bring awareness to a charity. You have to choose to download it, it was not included in the update.

Some of you guys will complain about literally anything. :roll_eyes:


Is the McDonnell Douglas Orbis Flying Eye Hospital not flyable There are red down arrows beside the Max Alt , the Endurance and the Range I cannot click Fly when I load a flight with this aircraft it is greyed out

Read the release notes…it isn’t a flyable aircraft…it is a visual model that you can look around with.


It’s an MD10, and no, it’s not flyable. Just an explorable visual model made to raise awareness of the charity.

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Not sure if it’s possible to mod this like the default aircraft from the non-premium/deluxe editions but who knows maybe somebody will be able to use the model at least to make a decent flyable MD10.

Aww thats what I figured, but I thought just maybe they had been listening to us and decided to give us another aircraft.

So what is this now Microsoft Walking Simulator lol

Eh, I think it’s sort of lame too but at least it’s for a good cause. We all know Asobo can’t/won’t model airliner systems well enough to satisfy airliner fans anyway.

They really should not call it a “Flying Eye Hospital” here :upside_down_face:


Just to mention a small point, this is rather the MD-10 (not DC-10) McDonnell Douglas DC-10 - Wikipedia

I agree this is pointless. Isn’t this Microsoft Flight Simulator? It needs to be more apparent that it is not a flyable aircraft. Probably the most deleted download.

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(shrug) It’s just to raise awareness for the cause, whatever. I don’t know if the model is encrypted but maybe at some point someone can use the visual model to make a flyable MD-10.

By the way, how do I enter the visualization of this aeroplane?

Following the update v:, a new aircraft appeared: Mac Donnel Douglas Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. After downloading and choosing this device, the flight plan, it is impossible to start the flight: the banner: Start the flight is grayed out and inactive. How do I start a flight with this aircraft? All other devices are working.