SU5 Orbis DC-10 doesn't fly

Hi ExpertTriton919,

There are a few topics relating to this. This is intended as the aircraft is not able to be flown at the moment. It’s currently only a static model for touring the Flying Eye Hospital.

I’ve also moved your topic to #community:general-discussion-feedback where it’s better suited.

Thank you for your reply. Well noted this plane does not fly yet, but how to visit it? Thank you

From what I remember, this can be accessed by going to the “My Hanger” section under “Profile”. You can then change your aircraft to the Orbis MD-10 and switch to interior camera to walkthrough using the controls. I’m not at the sim just now to 100% check.

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who says to asobo guys, what do the simmers want in a Flight Sim. I agree to waste of my pc resources they do not show any respect for the customers, and they waste their time making pointless instead to fix what is important like the avionics suite, thanks to the skills of the people to make us mods for all of us.
after the update 1.18.14 the msfs 2020 ■■■■ still hang it is useless

This is correct

The weird thing is that I saw someone take off in this aircraft on SU5 update release day, in multiplayer.

I assume its used to replace some aircraft models.

Why Orbis cannot fly ??

Because it’s a museum piece, not meant to fly.

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The real Orbis

Yes, though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until someone makes a mod for it.

It’s a just a visual model to explore meant to raise awareness of the charity.

It would be nice if somebody could use the model to eventually make a flyable MD-10 but I don’t know whether that’s possible.

Don’t Bother
This is not a flyable aircraft free upload nor is it for purchase. “For Static Viewing Only.”
Thank you very little.

Screen Shot 2021-08-02 at 6.19.59 PM

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So would you have been happier if you had to pay for it? I don’t get this post.

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I’ve got the same problem, when I choosed the plane, I’m not able to start

Did you even read the topic you replied to?


Once again, it’s not a problem. It’s working as intended. The MD-10 is just a “grounded” model to explore. Think of it like touring the plane on the tarmac at an air show.

This was all explained in the announcements prior to the release.

When using the DC10 ‘Flying Hospital’, it’s not possible to to fly the plane.
Very strange.
Any ideas, what to do to make this plane airborne??

i got it to fly somehow in free flight

It is not a flyable aircraft. It was released for walking around and exploring. Not sure how you actually do that but the release notes for it state that it is not a flyable aircraft.