SU5 Orbis DC-10 doesn't fly

i was somehow just able to select it in free flight and fly it

if you have used any other airliner without community mods\fix (etc.), you will find that this is the best airliner right now. :wink:


It’s just for showcase, which I found to be a huge waste of time because they could have been working on actually improving the game.

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you mean flying the external camera around, don’t you? can you actually play a 3d model of a human?

I guess that is the only way to do it for now, which isn’t ideal. There may be some third party camera addons that let you walk around but I am not aware of any.

Oh really, just to walk around in a plane within a flight simulator. That sounds really poor to me. I don’t buy a flightsimulator, to just only walk around in a plane but can’t fly it? Strange.
Thanx very much for this hint.

How did you do that?

Last sentence on the announcement:

Of course there are ways to get it into the air, just not currently in an official capacity.

i selected the plane in free flight and pressed fly now. only one engine worked and there were no animations but the systems worked.

No it’s not flyable more about raising awareness for the charity

Great cause though

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It’s just a tourable hangar model to raise awareness of the charity. This was made very clear when it was announced but there’s still been like six threads about it.


Please post some screen shots.

It is an amazing idea to bring awareness to treatable global blindness. Being able to explore this true to life MD11 and get a feel for what is involved to be a part of this amazing real life team, is just another reason why this sim is second to none. Please enjoy what was intended to be positive experience and maybe add a post about your exploration of this wonderful aircraft.


Haven’t downloaded it yet. Does it have a cockpit?

Instructions on how to use it are here on the Marketplace page:

As someone else posted, this is a great thing to raise awareness. I had certainly never heard of Orbis before, so great work.


it doesn’t

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will do soon

Yeah share some screenshots lol

Generally I find raising awareness of a charitable organisation for no compensation (not to mention others ending up with some free content and a learning opportunity) a very selfless and kind act.

Good thing you didn’t have to pay a penny extra for this content!

For your reference the description in the marketplace answers your question:


I did try and explore the interior. All I got to was a bunch of seats. No cockpit, no operating room, nothing like as advertised.