SU6: AI/Vatsim aircrafts still have no lighting

After doing an update, seems like AI/Vatsim aircraft still have no lights.
Also the pop-ins are still there. I have maxed everything and still see taxi signage, ground vehicles, light poles, popping into view.

Ryzen 2700x
32GB 3200 RAM

same experience for me…

I know they said the AI lighting would be fixed but I don’t think they mentioned the VATSIM issue, they steered clear of it during the Q&A as it was constantly being brought up in the chat.

I haven’t had a chance to look, is AI lighting fixed outside of VATSIM?

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in the meantime, meaning while Asobo manages to ignore this issue thus far maybe try this one?: Lights for VATSIM/IVAO aircraft after WU6 - Hotfix » Microsoft Flight Simulator

That sucks! I was looking forward to this being fixed.

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There is already a topic about that issue:

so I would suggest to keep it in one topic then to split it

Broken since the disaster on July 27th… promised a fix for SU6, but the update did nothing for lights on Vatsim planes. Hotfix coming? This is ridiculous not being able to use Vatsim for over 3 months…


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