SU6 release time?

There is not usually an official release time as such, but historically it’s been around 1600 UK time or 1700 French time so it’s reasonable to expect it around then.

I hope this update is better than the previous… By the way, does anybody know what regions are included in the next world update?


I don’t think the regions for the next WU been announced or even teased yet but I stand to be corrected - haven’t followed all that closely the last couple of months.

I would expect a number of issues with the update, if history is any guide. Most sim updates seem to have been followed some weeks later by a hot fix to address the most egregious issues. At least building your expectations that way you are less likely to be disappointed!

What I hope for is just an improvement in some areas and some important fixes, especially on the VR side. Expecting perfection will only lead to disappointment!

As you say though, hopefully better than SU5 at least since a lot of the things it is addressing are things that were somewhat broken by the changes to the engine that came with that update.

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Here you can find the release notes from the beta test of Sim Update 6.

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-Fixed some lighting issues in VR

^ i hope this is the over exposure

I think it’s probably several issues.

Previously I’m sure I recall they had mentioned this one specifically shader-code viewdir and shadow light rendering are inconsistent on right eye

Sorry I meant to type T1500Z.

I always thought it was strange that they would release at the end of the workday in Bordeaux.

I hope vr will perform better after this update…

but i agree that i don’t see any announcement for this release today, only the warning on the 14th talking about the 19th…

Usually 16:00Z the updates go live, and although it may be end of workday at Asobo, it’s the beginning of the working day at Microsoft in Seattle.

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the last WU6 was released at 8:00am Pacific Time or 16:00 UTC.

in 15 minutes

how is this, people from kiribati?

Well imop the term “Right after release” is a bit misleading, because when you say right after I would expect it’s on the same day - not one day after the release, but hey :rofl:

Well the haven’t delayed it yet does not mean the couldn’t do :cowboy_hat_face: In the past when an update got delayed the community was waiting for hours (after the normal/expected release timeframe) until an official announcement was published.

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It’s live now (on Xbox at least)

steam is also live, 8,66GB

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It’s LIve now, just started, 5.23gb

Is a Microsoft Store update required?

Not everyone it isnt