SU6 ... save your content before updating

Ignore this (my) advice for the Beta install, Jumivana is basically saying expect to have to download all official content again and that I suggest

Either move them to a different location (even on the same drive) and point to it when asked by the update OR follow these steps.

1) Rename your Community and Official folders by adding a # or similar.
2) Start the update but pause after the first couple of files.
3) Delete the empty C&O folders that the install has just created
4) Rename your own folders back to the original
5) Unpause the update, it will no longer delete your 3rd party mods and it will recognise not to download the Official content again (if it asks then keep the original and NOT replace).

Note that if you do move your files it is still worth pausing to check that UserCfg.opt has updated to the right path.

PS. I heartily recommend that any mods that came with an installer be actually uninstalled now until after the update and then reinstalled, this should prevent any registry errors further down the line.

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It’s relatively simple. Just move out your community folder, rename it and create an empty community folder. No need to do any other stuff. Been doing since day 1 of updates and never had any issues. Hope this helps simplify matters. Good day to all


What news does it bring?

que novedades trae?

ignore this post

FS 2020 is the only game i have which brings so many pain in those update mechanics. The last 3 updates was always a mess. Lets see what kind of problems will come, can`t wait.


I just use Addons Linker, couple of clicks to load a Preset of an Empty Community folder = Job Done!


Does it save your world updates and default aircraft too?

No need to over complicate this.


Note that it begins with

Expected flow for those in the Sim Update 6 flight when it is released to everyone tomorrow:

So if you’re not in the beta (aka the “flight”), it shouldn’t apply to you. I won’t take responsibility if it wipes Community for everyone though. :wink:


I disagree Kev, there’s every need if it saves a five hour download :smiley:

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No idea what you mean about those, I’ve never had a problem with WU or default aircraft after an update.

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I think people are reading to much into what should’ve been a private post for beta testers, it’s just adding more confusion for those less in the know.

(Yet another reason why there should’ve been a beta testing forum like previous beta periods!)


Does that mean it’s only for the beta testers and everyone else must wait?

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That post is aimed at the beta testers, we’ll all receive the update whenever it’s released.

@Jummivana I really think that post needs proper/clearer clarification that it’s aimed purely at the beta testers, as you can see it’s already causing confusion :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh well I can wait

Carry on!

For Navigraph users, use the Navigraph NavData App to cleanly remove the custom Navdata from the sim. DO NOT MANUALLY REMOVE the Navigraph folders from the Community Folder.


I an Really uncertain as to what you mean. I do have a Navigraph data folder in my community folder.
Could you please explain a bit more, what and why.

What is custom navdata?

Should I leave the navigraph folder in the community folder during update.

Thanks in advance

I think what it means, there is a navdata app where you update the airac cycle for MSFS 2020…also the CRJ plane. When you open the app there is an option to remove the airac cycle. When you reopen the navdata app option to load the airac cycle.

Not sure the reason why, but I have done that for every update, as well as rename the community folder.

Thanks for the input.

Have not done anything regarding Navigraph previously and have not had any issues either I think!?

I had the clear impression that the community folder was just a placeholder for mods etc and you could move them in and out at your leasure…and in particular during update move everything out.

Super confused.

Exactly just do what you normally do, my personal opionion, if you rename or move everything out of your community folder where the navdata is loaded anyway…I think your be fine. I am just doing what I normally do, I believe some users like to confuse others.