SU6 Slows Custom View Transitions

Since I’ve updated to SU6 I’ve noticed that transitioning between custom views is now super jittery and stuttery. It’s like the FPS drops to <10 for a split second then recovers. It’s very jarring and uncomfortable to watch. Has anyone else experienced this?


Scenery LOD 400
Object LOD 300

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Have you tried lowering down settings?

Those are the same settings I’ve been using pre-SU6. I haven’t changed anything, which leads me to believe it’s something to do with SU6.

With SU5 the transitions between custom views were pretty smooth. The camera would quickly glide over to the next view just fine.

It’s because you are using LOD of 400. Lower it to 200 and it will be smooth.

To be honest, I really don’t know why people even go higher than 200 LOD.

no that’s not it. good try though.
also people have LOD at 400 because it looks vastly better than LOD 200 with rigs that can handle it

Have you tried with LOD 200? Does it help?

I take back what I previously said. lowering LOD to 200 did seem to help smooth out the camera transitions.

This is unfortunate, as LOD 400 makes the world look vastly better and that’s the setting I was using pre-SU6 just fine with no stutters or transition jitters.

Glad it worked. And to your point about it working before - the edit you made to the .cfg file may not be the same as the slider - it’s possible that the slider is changing the .cfg file + other things as well, things that we can’t see in the user.cfg file. Only Asobo knows exactly what that slider is changing.

That is true. There may be other changes we don’t know about. I have a feeling more info will come to light over time as I’ve seen other posts in the forum about new LOD 400 crushing FPS. I have about the fastest rig currently available and could barely play with LOD 400. sigh

That is odd. I’m not having much issue at LOD 400 - I get between 30-40 fps at 4K Ultra with the slider set to 400. Yes, it’s not 60 fps, but it’s still plenty smooth. Certainly nothing that makes me want to drop it down to 200.

3080 Ti, 5600x, 32 GB RAM, NVME

It all depends on the scenery and plane you are flying in.

I have a similar rig as the OP, except I have a 3080 card.

I can slide everything to Ultra and have LOD set to 400 and get smooth 40-60 fps when flying GA planes.

But when I fly airliners like the FBW A320 it is still usable but I get the stutters/jitters when changing views. This happens with high complex glass cockpits.


I get these framerates with the FBW and other complex glass cockpit places.

It may be that I’m not changing views all that often so I don’t notice the jitters as much. I usually only switch between cockpit and external views - in the cockpit, I use mouse look/zoom to move around and that’s smooth.

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I was flying the C4J with Working Title mod so that may have had something to do with it like you said with more complex glass. But, still I was using this mod pre-SU6 and there were no heavy stutters. Something seems to have changed. This was on the ground as well which usually is the heaviest on the FPS. I’ll get into the air soon and experiment with differences.

I’m all about having the highest quality looking ground mesh with realistic looking mountains and landscape so having a LOD 400 is essential.

I change views a lot, I have all 10 custom views saved from every panel in the cockpit to custom views in the cabin looking out windows and even outside on a wing sometimes. This allows for very engaging cinematic flying when you don’t want to be staring at an instrument panel the whole time.

While in cruise flipping back to the C4J passenger cabin has you flying in style :clinking_glasses:

Give this a read. You are not losing much quality at 200 since SU6.

will check out this thread. I’m wondering has Asobo reported what the LOD slider actually does to the scenery now? I feel like people seem to be just guessing. I’dl like to know what the number means and what graphics are actually effected. More concrete facts would be nice

I tried out LOD 400 on Ultra and my FPS is fine as long as the camera is not moving.

But with track IR or using traditional camera movements I get a 15 FPS drop when I move the camera quickly.

I’m going to stick to 200 for now.

Anyone out there with a killer rig tried 400?

I’m running a R5 3600X(AIO), RTX3060S, 32GB, NVMe.

They were actually fairly clear that the LOD texture resolution ranges were tweaked. The ranges at which the more detailed textures are displayed have been extended. LOD is not a hard line where objects/terrain either are drawn or not. It is a gradient. Just like mip maps.

Upshot is that what is displayed now at 200 is far more detailed than it was before.

yes, my rig is about as good as you can get (i stated my stats in the OP) but 400 killed any camera movement. My FPS were 40-50 in the ground and 60 in the air. but moving the camera between locations tanked down to 10fps. lowering lod from 400 to 200 also lowered the stutters, but its an unfortunate trade off. If my rig can’t handle lod 400 then i’m confused who’s can? i have a feeling the stutters aren’t supposed to be there but it’s a side effect of the LOD tweaks they did

good news about 200 being much better than it was before. I have a feeling they’ll tweak the camera movement in a patch or hotfix something since it doubt it’s supposed to stutter so hard when you’re running at 50fps