SU7 Live weather clouds look odd and way too fuzzy and blurry

Indeed the new clouds look very unnatural, pixelated and morphing on the edges with strange formations. SU6 clouds looked and behaved definitelly much better.


Those clouds look great?

At least show some real examples of janky clouds. I’ve certainly seen some odd ones, like lone huge dark CB clouds sitting at ground level or weird solid looking grainy pizza dough like clouds.

Then again I’ve also seen more glorious looking clouds like most of your pics so far so I’m inclined to think the weird stuff is not the norm.
The weather servers are doing some odd things at the moment, this may be what’s causing the odd cloud formations to pop up.

I want to fly from KMIA to MMMX. I always go to both airports to see if something is broken to not even try to fly there. Well . Look at the Metar on the simulator. Overcast at 2000 and 6SM. Look how cloudy (sarcasm) and overcast is at the sim.

I am missing something?

just realized there is an even more serious issue with clouds/weather, take a look here:

Hope we don’t have to wait till february to get this fixed :flushed:


clouds look weird in SU7 because local weather now morphs awkwardly between the results from METAR stations (basically, there’s one at every airport) and the SU6 weather system which used Meteoblue’s commercial weather generation servers (somewhat similar to Windy), also, there’s some kind of elevation bug which results in cloud-bases being stuck in (or under) the ground.

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SU5 destroyed them, when the graphics were nerfed for Xbox


I’m glad you mentioned the clouds into the ground (or ocean) issue, so I don’t have to start a separate post on it.

Yes, I concur cumulus clouds are not supposed to have their bases at ground or sea level. Stratus-- yes, even stratocumulus I can almost buy. But not fair-weather cumulus, or any form of cumulus that towers vertically.

I too hope that this eventually gets fixed.

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