SU7 Live weather clouds look odd and way too fuzzy and blurry

I have been testing SU7 for a few hour now and since this latest update, live weather clouds and clouds formations look much much worse than before. Clouds look way too fuzzy, blurry, bland and lacking density, pretty much like smoke instead of clouds.

I remember this happening in the very first couple of updates of the sim, but they improved a ton since then. I hope we are not back to these horrible live weather clouds formations :cry: as they seem to completely lack sharp edges and coherency

as a comparison, this is how SU6 live weather looked:

It looked amazing!

I haven’t seen that kind of blurry clouds in quite some time so I’m afraid this is not a matter of not finding the “nice” weather at the moment. Please NO, not back to these blurry clouds again!! :sob:


Live weather appears to be broken right now. Tried various spots where there should be big thunderstorms and there’s not a cloud in the sky at any of them.


Different cloud formations. You’re comparing very light coverage with massive cumulonimbuses.

There’s plenty of clouds that look just as well or even better than what you show.

The look and variety of the clouds has been improved massively overall.


I’m getting no live weather at the moment over the UK… Just clear skies :frowning:

I heard thats rare in the uk :laughing:


I think the weather servers are overloaded or something. The live weather worked for me like 15 minutes ago and now it doesnt.

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I’m crossing my fingers hoping that this is being caused by people coming home from work and hitting the servers to download the new code.

Apples and oranges. You are comparing two different clouds. One is light clouds and one is big cumulonimbus’s. I’m doing 747 KSAN KSEA . KSAN was correct weather. The blending is great in route. I’m real happy with the new weather so far. And no there will be no going back to old. The new weather is quite stunning. Good advancement. Its very relaxing to endlessly look at the endless formations.

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I am getting a sort of ghosted diagonal line pattern on clouds now, first time since the sim launch I’ve seen it. It doesn’t always happen, it’s on the edges of the clouds but it is hard to ignore. I’ll try to capture a screenshot.

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I can see that, I spawned at NZAA and it took 2 minutes for live weather to load in

Live weather wasn’t working for me earlier either. We have allot of snow on the ground and it was snowing. Yet it was clear and sunny at the airport.

if you switch between live weather and “clear sky” preset and it’s identical, it’s a 100% surefire sign that it’s not working, because that condition is pretty much impossible with live weather.

maybe I didn’t explained myself correctly. I know these don’t look as the same type of clouds/clouds formations, the point was that there was a time when 90% of the time, clouds looked like that (fuzzy, incoherent, too transparent, lacking body, etc.) no matter what the weather was and that wasn’t intended to be like that. In fact, at some point they improved dramatically to what the su6 images show in the example screens. In real life, 90% of the time, clouds will be well bodied and dense, and that’s how they have been working for me over europe for the last 6+ months. Amazing far away formations you could clearly see and with sharp edges.

I haven’t tested enough yet, and live weather seems to be having issues so I hope all is due to that, but it gives me a bad feeling because I haven’t seen that ugly clouds since quite long now, and getting them back again makes me think something is wrong.


you’re right 100%

i wish the clouds from before WU6 back

now the look girly like and childish, also the rainbows are also a big laugh


Abriael I value your opinion but you have got to be kidding !!! Then you must have another version that we don’t own !!!
Look over at this thread - we went from a 21st century engine (with some limitations of course) back to the old FSX engine !!!
It’s not about cloud types here, it’s about rendering !!!

Sim update 6 had significantly better clouds. It looked very real, this looks like a cartoon and unrealistic if comparing to real world flying. Update 6 was way better visually than this weather wise.


??? he !
Either I am blind or you have a different MSFS version!
This can never be better !

playing a little bit more with this. SU7 LW clouds are definitely BROKEN!

As I suspected, after so many time with excelent clouds and clouds formations in live weather, we are back to the worse ever live weather clouds and clouds formations EVER!!


O god no!! :sob:

This is supposed to be the improved live weather?

This looks like FSX clouds!!! :cry:

This is what I’m getting in Europe and USA. Crazy, uncoherent, fuzzy, blurry and senseless clouds.

How is this an improvement over this (SU5 and 6):

What a mess! :worried:


I have to say I’m not too happy with the new clouds. I’ve only had one quick flight so it’s early days yet, so I might change my mind.

But not impressed at the moment.

Look at this image from SU6:

It looks amazing, with tons of details at the very far horizon and sharp formations of defined clouds that vary in heigh and are compact and coherent. I haven’t been able to find anything close to that in the whole europe. WTH?

Please Asobo, fix this!!!

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