SU7 Patch notes released somewhere by chance?

Per subject curious, if there are public patch notes yet. Looking for a number of fixes for issues introduced with SU to be resolved. (One can hope)

They get released the day the update is published.

The release notes are still under NDA thanks to the beta process on-going with players until 18th November

Then why did we get them before release last time?

I don’t believe so.

Believe so…


I stand (technically sit) corrected. Just went back and reread your post I thought it said “did we” not the. Why did we. My bad.

The feedback system used for SU6 turned out to be publicly viewable, so they made the decision to also make those patch notes public.

Does that also explain why they made WU6 release notes public in advance?

A few things are mentioned in the latest dev update:

And the CTDs at Andrews has been promised to be fixed (according to some posts).

Though hopefully there are rather more fixes than just these.

Was hoping for an early detailed published list of notes like SU6 prior to launch.

Seems that was a mistake…???

Release notes can now be found here: