SU7 VR comments?

A 3090RTX (457.30 driver), i9 5.1Ghz/Win 10 64 bit Reverb G2 user. So I installed new OXR version and SU7 this morning. While DirectX12 is selectable as a beta version in the PC settings, there is no specific VR version, so I assume when you select it in PC settings it also adjusts for VR (not sure). I noticed the VR toolbar displays fine, but when you click on the cloud (weather settings) for example, or the fuel settings, there is no drop down or menu that appears. I did notice that live weather selected now really impacted the smoothness. Again, not sure if that’s due to a previous setting I had or is a function of the update.

I did load the F-18 and while not the Hawk in my view, it is a positive step forward. The Hornet flight model is pretty good but I noticed its slow speed characteristics need some attention. Dropping gear/flaps at 250KIAS which is safe gear/flap extend speed for most fighters causes the bottom to drop out literally and no amount of trim to counteract is sufficient, so you have to pull pretty aggressively to maintain level flight. I was pleased to see the flight vector symbol accurately depicted, but she’s very twitchy on final approach–again due to slow speed modeling.

Now, overall, again in my opinion so far, I really didn’t see a performance bump, increase in clarity, in fact, the VR experience seemed a bit more glitchy–like, some micro-stutters and the visuals seem a bit more grainy. I went back to DirectX11 in the MSFS PC settings and it seemed to help a bit. Clearly, I will need to tweak again to find the sweet spot and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Finally, I appreciate the effort from the MSFS team to improve the overall sim experience for the most users. I’m not convinced VR has improved at all.

Thanks in advance.


No visual improvements as far as I can tell, minor reduction in performance using the latest Nvidia driver.

They’ve also broken the toolbar in VR so it’s pretty much unusable for me (and most others I guess) until they release a hotfix.

I can’t imagine the release would have gone ahead had this bug existed outside of VR.


Just to comment that I’m seeing a slight improvement in minimum FPS after SU7 using the same settings, while frametime variations are within margin of error. Please note that the two SU6 plots have been recorded using different NV driver versions. For my specs and benchmarking procedure please see the corresponding thread.

Yup tool bar issue means the sim is grounded until fixed but I ran a few test flights and it’s stuttering a lot more in both dx11 and 12 than pre SU7. So far so not very impressed.


Another VR bugs ridden release!? Please no, not again. Inflight UI menu does not work. VR performance degradation in combination with OXR update and latest Nvidia driver (dx11) so far.


Just tried the Hornet landing challenging and getting 13-22 fps with taa100 oxr80 with a 3090 and 5950x. Something not right there…

Just tried with 50/200 and pretty much the same.


its a shame what Asobo is doing


I’m grounded until a Hotfix is released for the Mouse bug, was planning to do a series of DX11 vs DX12 Benchmarks over the course of now & future updates, but without the Mouse working I can’t even fly properly.

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Oh, no. Just tried the update and it’s just unplayable. It is flickering, stuttering, getting black artifacts when moving side to side. Framerate is bad adn so on. What happened? I updated the Open XR Tool as well. Latest Nvidia drivers.
And I thoght that I had a really nice setup before this update and everything run smooth. :frowning:


Derklausi–Have you tried Nv 457.30 and compare against 496.84?

Thanks for the analytics.

Same here. I’ve lost about 4-6 fps using the Everest and Berlin discovery flights as tests. Normal flying about is a lot more jerky. I will give it a few days (have to anyway to fix the vr toolbar!), but at the moment this performance is not worth flying with. Will be interesting to see what the YouTube benchmarkers suggest.

I updated to Windows 11, installed the latest MSFS 2020 update, have an RTX 3090 with 5800X and went from 37 fps to now 14 fps. Anyone want the buy my RTX 3090?

Concur. It appeared the youtuber influencer crowd was, as we all were, highly anticipating some VR attention this update, and in particular the simultaneous timing of a new OXR version, a new Nvidia driver, and the rollout of DirectX12 (beta) in MSFS seemed interesting and positive. There may be a hidden tweak/fix out there, but the current VR experience (not to mention toolbar issue) seems like the classic 1 step forward and 2 steps backward. Not throwing the baby out with the bathwater just yet.


No, haven’t done that.

Although the DX12 option only exists in 2D (PC) graphics settings, enabling it (including MSFS restart) does have a tremendous effect on VR performance, too. Please see DX11 vs. DX12 VR results below, these are two ‘identical’ benchmarking runs each. So I suggest going with DX11 until we see substantial DX12 fixes. As far as DX11 is concerned, I did not see any obvious visual differences to SU6 yet.

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i got tree fiddy

OMG what have they done with SU7 Toolbar broken for me too and same Graphic option since before and it is stuttering now. Dont had this stotters before. THX Asobo now the sim is grounded when there comes no Update i think its Time to pay Attention back to Xplane 11 and later 12

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The latest NV driver version did not give me any significant performance differences. However, until now I stayed clear of the latest OXR updates, because with the 1.08 runtime I’m gettings CTDs when switching between VR and 2D. Try reverting back to 1.07.

Been running Windows11 for about two weeks, and its taken that long to get my smoothness (although I still have very minor stutters when panning or turning quickly) and clarity to a point that is somewhat flyable… Finally last night, the sim was ALMOST as smooth as I had it before Windows11. (which by the way broke Oculus Link, I am now stuck running airlink which maxes out at 200mps, even though my router can output up 1gbs…).

Haven’t looked at SU7 yet, have to work to pay the bills. But, based on what I have been reading since early this morning, this is just another kick to the face for VR users. Broken Toolbar, more stuttering, loss of quality… Makes me very sad, and even hesitant about running the upgrade after work today… But then, if I want to fly, I have to upgrade…

DX12 installed and unusable. Going back to DX11 isn’t much better. Dropdown menus don’t work, AI is fighting me as I can’t turn off AI Assistance and once in VR I can’t get out of it. I was unable to get my engine to respond when it was time to land. Engine continued at full RPM, even turning off the Mags and the battery switches. Nothing worked. I finally had to crash the plane to get out of it. Man…did they test this release in VR??? Now both DX11 and DX12 are broken. What a shame!

i9 10850 5 gHz
RTX 2070