SU8 King Air B350 Update Decreased Realism

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Brief description of the issue:
I fly King Airs for a living and Sim Update 8 has decreased realism dramatically while operating on the ground and on its takeoff performance. The real aircraft does not taxi at a fast pace (or accelerate) at idle. The only way to control the MSFS 350 now is to jockey between reverse (which left in too long will have the aircraft travel backwards quickly) and on the idle gate, which has it accelerating while taxiing. This is about as close to unusable as you can get.

On the take off roll, there is no way you’re going to be at 90 knots in 1,000 feet. This feels like fighter jet acceleration and performance.

The previous version felt like you were loaded heavily, but still much more realistic. This update has made the aircraft have cartoonish performance.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered: Release the parking brake after engine start

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: New SU8

Just started a flight with it and the exact same thing went through my head. Crack the throttle a tiny bit and it’s like you activated afterburners.


Came here to post about recent B350 bugs. I can concur, even with near feathered props and low idle, the plane will roll forward even with the parking brake on.

As well, FLC climb seems to be broken. You can set the speed and alt to whatever you want and it refuses to climb. Descent works great.


Cut power to both engines, feather both props, and glide for an eternity at low altitude.

The FLC issue was reported near the end of the beta.


Same experience.

Same issues here too, since SU8, not good… really!

Try out this mod, they had to reduce thrust by 30%

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Can You check that the knobs of course works? For me they are dead.

Yes, I can concur on all that is reported here, furthermore the thrust reverse is way to strong, it makes the landing distance highly unrealistic.
Using FLC on the MCP for climbing/descending does not work either

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What a mess! 30%?! What is the point of running this stuff through beta before release if you still release something this broken? Any tester should have been able to notice this. It should have been held until the next release.

This is one of three “flagship” planes where they introduce the new propeller physics. So how can they not realize how far off the the tables this is.

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If my job was to code and test a flight simulator every day I’d probably slack off every once in a while too.

Not sure, that descend works great. I parked the kingair a long time ago, but from memory , the way it used to work was: 1- set your Desired altitude. 2- push flc-button on MCP. 3-reduce power and then the aircraft starts to descent. The initial ratę of descend depends on the amount of power reduced.
After SU8 you set the Desired altitude, push the flc-button and the plane starts to descend immediately (way too violant). Of course you have to reduce power in order not to exceed vne

Agreed, the King Air is terrible after this update, it will be hangered until a 3rd party dev comes out with one that is much better than the stock King.

I even tried the latest JayDee Mod and it did not help much.

THe big change here with SU8 was with the prop physics. Sounds like the implementation on this plane broke the plane’s performance. MS/Asobo??

Can confirm.

Did the patch today fix these issues? I spawned on runway with engines running, did a quick spin around the airport and was able to land again just fine.

The parking brake now appears to hold the plane with RPM max, power idle. Holds with props feathered as well.
Only difference besides the patch for me is I installed a garmin addon from working title

The patch today was a navigation data update, nothing to do with the plane. When the props are feathered they do not produce thrust :wink:

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I didn’t only test it with feathered props; as you can see from my post, I said the parking brake is now holding the plane at various RPM settings at idle :slight_smile:

I dont understand why the behavior of the plane has changed for me. Yesterday I tried the exact same thing and the plane would rocket forward with the parking brake on, min or max RPMs and power idle. Will test again!

Confirmed! Voted

I’m doubtful about how the testers do their job? :thinking: it is so obvious that the bird is broken, so that do they believe that it won’t be noticed? I can’t figure it out. Hopefully a fix will come soon because it was supposed to add some realism with the new prop physics not to make it wrong eventually.