SU9 public opt-in beta?

So at the last Twitch Q&A, Microsoft/Asobo mentioned there would be a beta test for SU9. However, they didn’t specify if it would be a public opt-in beta test, like we had for SU8 (and also for the SU7 hotfix). For all we know, beta test can also mean a closed beta test, where they invite the 300 closed beta testers (or whatever number it was).

I hope they don’t go back to the closed beta tests. The public opt-in beta tests worked really well for SU8 and the SU7 hotfix. The opt-in beta testers found the the most glaring and annoying issues and those were fixed in time for the main release.


It will be as before, an opt-in. The closed beta was à “Beta” of the Beta process they were trying to implement. I’m not seeing why they would ho back to à closed program.

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I hope so. They did closed betas before SU7 but I’m not even sure if they did a beta for SU7. If they didn’t do a beta for SU7, they kind of regressed.

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They did. I’m in every beta since the closed one for SU5. Tbh it helps Microsoft/Asobo a lot, and so on for players/simmers looking for a good update. They’ll announce the Beta when needed don’t worry mate !

Ok. I never saw the usual public posting that asked people to sign up for the beta for SU7. But if you say there was an SU7 beta, I believe you.

More information on the SU9 beta was just provided in the latest development update:


Steam users also have the opportunity to participate betas which is great. Thank you for that !


There will be a public forum area to submit feedback and test the release notes on Friday, April 1st, so please stay tuned until then.

Uh oh, that’s April Fools’ day :rofl:

Indeed, the last beta went well for me on Steam. Zero issues with opting-in or out. But I’m still going to make a backup of all game content with 7-Zip just in case.


I just want to post here, for anyone that does not read the announcement, that they have said that having your Packages folder separate (not in the default location) significantly reduces the chance of having to reinstall when opting out.

It does not say that it “guarantees” you won’t have to reinstall. But I will say that I have a separate Packages folder, and so far, I haven’t had to reinstall.


Did they say when the beta will be available?

The Sim Update 9 Beta will be available to join in the next few hours, and the build will be available to download at some point during the day on April 1st. To join this public test, please see the instructions below for your preferred platform.

Sometime tomorrow (Friday April fools day 1st) You can join the preview now via Xbox insider hub app

first also thought about a mean mean april’s fools thing but indeed the opt-in via insider hub is live, so seems to be true :wink:

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Has anyone found any patch notes /change log to understand what is affected before opting in?

So far the SU9 beta doesn’t seem to be online yet. The changelog should come when or shortly after the SU9 beta goes live

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No time when the beta will be available for download?

I see it already there on xbox. Not sure whether to download it given the date!

I will be signing up, especially since the last WU update along with whatever updates they did to various airports brought back CTD at certain airports with DLC installed. It had been fixed just prior, so maybe they can fix it again?

Will be interesting to see the notes as to what we will be testing.

Ok so xbox download is indeed not yet ready so the text on the insider app was confusing. Just playing the waiting game, it’s already 2nd April here.

Any news on when the beta will be available to download for PC?