SU9: Toolbar Menu Window Dimensions Very Small

Is it just me or does anyone else have this after SU9? The toolbar windows spawn in very small size now. They are so small I’m forced to stretch them quite a bit every time after opening a new window.


Yes, many have reported and I have a bug report logged for this.


Same for me!

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Odd sizes for VFR and Weather windows for me in VR

Same for me

I’m downloading SU9 now, but have you tried resetting the windows on the toolbar?

Yes, and they still don’t save their state if you close and then reopen them. I’m going to submit as a bug report tomorrow.

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Same problem here… I have to resize all the panels I need to use each time… Navigraph etc

Same problem here…gonna send a bug report

Same here. It may take another 3 updates for them to fix this. :slight_smile:

There really are only two possibilities. Either Asobo does literally zero testing, or they just don’t care. I’m not sure which one is better honestly.

Besides this was reported in the open beta. It started happening with the last beta updates only, the first 2 or so su9 builds didn’t have this.

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Both! All they’ll be focused on is the next milestone which is the Top Gun Update, I think the lack of promises VR discussion in Q&A session along with the merging of VR issues really speaks volumes.

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No VR on XBox, so it’s not a focus.

How do you resize the pop out window from the toolbar. If I try to widen it only changes the aspect ratio of the window i.e same info, just stretched.

The weather window only shows the left half of the window. How do you resize to show the full window content?

Just expand the window, the text will resize once you release the mouse

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@Mayhem6633 has created a thread in the bug forum. It seems to have quite a lot of votes but more votes won’t hurt, I suppose.

How do you resize the window I cant get to the buttons to resize?

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That’s weird, no problem for me with SU9.
The toolbar has the same size like before.
I’m running on Windows 10.

The frustrating thing here is, as some said, this was already reported in the beta. In the last Q&A they said “we’re testing VR every day… 1/3 of our testing is in VR”. Common guys, this was literally the first thing I noticed when I fired up the sim after joining the beta. This isn’t difficult to replicate. Just launched VR and open any in game panel. Panels in VR have been an issue for months now but the feedback is somehow not getting through.

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Just click the edge and drag just like any window panel in windows