Sudden loss of Keyboard + Mouse Control after tabbing out

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Weird one, I was pushing back from the gate and tabbed out of my window quickly, when I came back I can no longer use my mouse to drag the camera or use the keyboard.

I can click on the toolbar just fine and can even use ESC, however no input for anything else. Has anyone experienced this? I tried using the ATC “drag” window trick but that did not seem to work.

Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated!


The issue is the tab key. Not sure if this happens with alt-tab combination, but it’s a problem if you press tab. Doesn’t seem to matter when you press it either.

See this thread

Yup, that’s it. Weird that it’s only in the 787.

Have you found a temporary solution to get around it while in flight or is a restart required?

In flight, the only thing I found was using the mouse to move the throttle or speedbrake sometimes “unstuck” it - but not always unfortunately. And that’s if you are lucky that they are in view at the time, coz you can’t even pan the camera around. Also, wierdly, it seemed to lock out all controller input too - yoke, throttle quadrant etc.

Moral of the story is don’t press TAB! I guess if you are ALT-TABing to go to another window, make sure you don’t accidentally press TAB on its own.

EDIT - I also found that once it had happened once in a flight, the second or third time it became increasingly more difficult to “unlock” it by moving the throttle/speedbrake with the mouse

More info here too:

Appreciate the help.

I had my PACX bind to TAB so I just switched it out for now. Here’s to hoping I don’t accidentally press it while on my 6 hour flight to London. :sweat_smile:

If I find any other work arounds, i’ll let you know!

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