Suggestion for world update

Hi all,

I was interested to read the Orbx development plan for 2021, and delighted to see a planned upgrade for Auckland city which is really needed.

However, can you please consider New Zealand as the next world update after the Nordic regions. We are a small nation with landscapes from plains to rolling hills, beautiful beaches, lots of islands to majestic mountains and fiords.

Something for every type of flying and every pilot.

We know we are at the bottom of the world and a long way from you all, but please don’t forget about us. :anguished:

Keep safe everyone.


Totally Agree !

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I reckon Australasia incorp AUS, NZ and perhaps close Pacific Islands.


Absolutely, such a varied and beautiful part of the world!

I do agree that New Zealand would be nice but all world updates so far have been northern hemisphere work .It would be nice to do some southern hemisphere updates.Australia and New Zealand together would be perfect!!

Hi there!
So that contributions to having future World Updates do not split, please use the #self-service:wishlist subcategory for suggestions, changes or features you want added to MSFS.

There are 2 wishlist topics regarding this:


New Zealand:

Contribute and up vote those topics. Thank you!