Summary of the Q&A Session Today?

I was wondering if someone could share here the main discussions of the today’s Q&A. I looked for a discussion topic but couldn’t find any, mods can lock the topic if there’s any.

Thank you so much !

A summary will be posted later. You can watch the stream here:


The highlights for me:

They expanded on the CFD sim coming in SU9, which appears to be able to feed back into the flight model. they also revealed a new soft body simulation which models the effect of plane stiffness on handling which will also drop with SU9.

They’re also adding world (in the vicinity of your plane) air movement visualization showing updrafts / downdrafts, turbulence etc. They stated that in the next few updates they’re going to incorporate CFD analysis to improve the accuracy of the system (no real details as of yet though). I think this is the start of a more realistic air movement sim for the introduction of gliders.

Got to say I really love listening to Seb’s portion, he always talks about the most interesting upcoming things.


It’s usually posted a few days after the Q&A. Having typed out a few of the summaries, I can tell you that it takes a long time to type them out!

Subscribe to the #q-and-a-replay tag by clicking the link, then the :bell:, followed by “Watching First Post”. Then you’ll get a notification whenever the summaries are posted!


Did one for a french group and posted it in a Facebook group. But I assume it’s an english version, you’re interested in :slight_smile:

PM me if needed.


Hi again,
The Q&A replay was posted earlier today!


Thank you so much, as suggested, I had opened the notifications already and I read them all. Thanks one more time for kind reminder ! :slight_smile:


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I’m glad you subscribed! Subscribing to tags is a powerful way to keep up to date with stuff!

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Indeed, I’m glad that you helped me out there !

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