Supercell and Hurricane where you want it? Possible now in sim


I’ll be adding some of these to my weather presets, probably over the weekend.


How do you do that?

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Is this the location specific presets that are in your August 25, 2021 update?


Yep. Experimental for now though. SDK/documentation is sketchy at best.

This is a supercell in the sim now lol…

It is a new feature for weather presets made available in a recent update. Not exposed through the Weather UI yet though.

Docs are here but some information is wrong or some it isn’t actually implemented yet:


There is even a <Hurricane> tag. I guess this is the ones of not yet working, have you tried?

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Yep, tried it. No joy.

Getting the SuperCell working was hard enough, you need to adjust cloud layers to get it to appear in a way I found utterly confusing.

Maybe Cell and Hurricane do work, I just didn’t find the right combination of settings :man_shrugging:


I’ve read the documentation under the link you posted. The lack of information would let one assume that using a single tag would create a combination of settings in the weather engine.

Like, when using supercell it would create the conditions at that location (including the proper formations and etc).

Maybe that happens in a future iteration. It’s assuring the tag has been added though, which means additional development in weather.

Really cool pictures though, very nice!


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My thoughts exactly. Some of the ground work is there and some documentation is there, but full realisation will come in subsequent releases of the sim.

I’ve added a few supercells to some “experimental” presets around the world if you’d like to see one close up (or far away): DNBOF - Weather Presets Pack » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Will definitely try it, since su5 i’m quite cautious with mods. But now to eager to let this one slide. It’s almost like first access :laughing:

I’m impressed

This is a nice landing challenge, you see the runway at the last moment. Don’t ask me how i did it.


Ha, my work here is done :grin:

I’ve tried to make it challenging but not impossible.

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Those supercells remind me of the images of nuclear weapons being detonated underwater.

You definitely succeeded there. Trying to land center with that amount of wind and visibility is definitely, yes, let’s call it challenging :smiley:

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Man, that is a great looking thunderstorm cell. I don’t know if it’s a legit “supercell”, but it’s pretty. Is there any updraft at all? I’m assuming not. The docs are pretty dismal. It refers to “Intensity” and “Fierceness” with unhelpful descriptions of the units that don’t actually talk about what that means.

This find is really insightful too though. They referred to “supercells” in the Weather feature discovery video last year, and this must have been it.


So this supercell is only a visual goodie then? Landing a Cessna in a supercell thunderstorm won’t end well in real life …

Well, if i answer as a self pronounced youtube expert, i would say… idk. But if i answer as a legid armchair pilot… I don’t know either.

I can say that it definitely looks impressive, visibility within almost zero at a lot of places within with some peeks here and there. There is definitely wind and gusts :sweat_smile:, but i don’t think updrafts etc.

But, if i talk as a developer/po (this one is legid), I won’t call it a goodie, i will call it not done yet, hence it’s not visible in the end product (ui) for normal selection ;). Kudo’s at @DNBOF for getting it to work i would say.

I did gave my rudder a beating though, it sued me for abuse.

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