Support for head tracking on Xbox

Can Asobo/ MS look at a way to allow head tracking on Xbox for example using trackIR or any other head tracking device (even a proprietary one).

It would massively improve the experience on Xbox

I’ve cobbled together a setup using a wireless air mouse stuck onto my headphones/cap using Velcro, which allows me to toggle a home made head tracker (of sorts) using a freelook toggle switch on my yoke.


Nice! Definitely interested in this work round. Could you share the make/model of air mouse and the settings you used please? This is exactly what I need. I’ve set up panning left and right on a hat stick but the freedom of looking around like this would be a game changer


For me, this is what is missing for a perfect experience.

Msfs 2020 is already very good on Xbox with the beta .

Track IR on Xbox is a must have to complete the game

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I am also interested in your creation.

It would be kine of you to share it with us !

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Here’s the controller settings I have for my Velocity One - the only important bit here is the freelook toggle, but I’ve assigned the various views to a hat switch in case I don’t feel like wearing the tracker:

And here’s the mouse settings I use:

The actual air mouse I use is from eBay - it’s just a cheap “no brand” wireless job, here it is stuck to my headphones:

You’ll need to play around with the settings a bit to find what works for you, and if you want to use a normal mouse for selecting switches etc, the easiest way to have both running is via a USB hub with a switch that’ll toggle between the two (you can only have one active mouse connected at any time), but excusing those minor niggles (you soon get used to working around them) it works pretty well, all things considered!


Thank you for taking the time to post this, I’m definitely going to look into it :blush::+1:t3:

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