Support for WMR "App Slates"

When using SteamVR, one can add a program called OVR Toolkit which enables you to bring app windows with you into VR. I’ve been using this to pull in my VATSIM vPilot window, and my iPad mirroring (where I run Navigraph + a whiteboard app for taking notes).

However, as I’m on a WMR device (a G2) this means I take a pretty big performance hit, having to run the SteamVR runtime instead of the OpenXR runtime.

Windows Mixed Reality Portal supports “App Slates” which is where you can bring a standard Windows 2D app into your 3D space.

I’ve proven that, while in the main WMR screen, this works for all the apps I wish to use. However, once I’m in FS2020 in VR, I seem to have a 50/50 shot of things working. (App might open in a window, it might open on the desktop instead - and once I’ve opened/closed an app, future attempts to open the app are 100% opening on desktop vs. in the VR app slate.).

This morning I actually spotted a popup saying something to the effect of, “This immersive app is not properly optimized for using App Slate” or something to that effect.

I think this would be a MASSIVE addition to FS2020. Either how I’m doing it (iPad mirroring), running something like Navigraph direct, having VATSIM open so you can see if a new controller signs on your area, etc.

Not being able to see other apps while in VR is a major, major limitation atm. I’ve tried the various methods described in the forums. None of them work for me. I’ve tried OmniGLH’s method of simple pressing the windows button on the controller, and then trying to load the Internet Explorer into the cockpit, but that simply crashes MSFS to desktop. Some native, MSFS-integrated support for App Slates would be awesome. Or even better: add an inflight menu bar item that is just like that for the VFR menu, but instead of bringing up a map in a window, it brings up the desktop in a window from where we can, using the mouse, bring up any apps we want.


A major requirement for VFR flying on VATSIM.

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