Surface Wind & Weather System Issues

Perhaps ATIS is just reporting how the wind was when you spawned in, and is not dynamicly updating as you make changes in the weather page?

No, if I change the winds with the weather UI, even when the Atis is running, it updates and the next time it runs, it has the new (incorrect version of the) winds, and the INFORMATION has been incremented.

No matter what actual value it is getting, it is also not following the correct formatting rules, with winds to the nearest 10 degrees etc etc

PLUS, It is not formatting correctly for added Gusts, and deciding to say Variable, or not.

Little excuse for this – all the technical information is clearly out there on the Internet, as well as in Aviation publications.


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Can’t get any weather to load at the moment…

What about magnetic variation? METAR and TAF wind directions are true north, ATIS and tower should be magnetic north, does it take magnetic variation into account?

Guess easiest way is to slew the G1000 Cessna 10 ft above ground level and read the wind on the screen. I have no idea what simvar is what.

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If you test in somewhere like South end of South New Zealand, the magvar there is so high, it will be immediately obvious, (without having to look at simvars ).

Let me re-phrase that :

if Asobo were to test in somewhere like South end of South New Zealand, the Magvar there is so high, it will be immediately obvious,

Would help for clarity, if the Weather UI stated if the winds being set were True or Magnetic.

One would assume they are magnetic, (simpler) but the point is – who knows. ?

At least they did update the UI to indicate that the winds were GROUND winds :+1:

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ground wind indicators on the world map are completely broken since SU7…

Looks like high altitude winds are shown as ground wind situations which can never ever be true^^


I have noticed this too. Another reason may be some kind of wind speed units mismatch or something like this.

From a different thread.

Conclusion, Asobo does NOT take the magnetic variation into account. If you would fly at a place with 90 degrees magnetic variation, the wind direction would be 90 degrees wrong :+1:.

Here is your answer…

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Thanks @Nijntje91 – Unfortunately, defining the error/bug is the easy part.

The difficult (and time consuming) part will be trying to communicate the details to Asobo, and getting it fixed.

Winds, Windsocks, preferred runways, Atis have all be plagued by with “Mistakes” ever since before the release in 2020 …getting it corrected now, is an uphill battle.

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Would be nice if someone could confirm my finding to be sure. Every airport I’ve tested so far the wind exactly matched the METAR with no variation applied. Does anybody know a place with a lot of magnetic variation? Highest I’ve tested is 25W. It would really be a rookie mistake if this is true, any (PPL) pilot should know that METAR and TAF are TRUE directions, TOWER and ATIS are MAGnetic directions. Interestingly the ATIS does seem to report the correct wind (METAR wind corrected for magnetic variation) unfortunately the wind experienced in the sim seems to be directly corresponding to the METAR without magnetic variation applied to it.

At this point, rather than trying to “Spoon Feed” Asobo both the issue ,and the solution, it might be better if they themselves ensure they were up to speed with the Aviation aspects of the issue, and then re-evaluated their code to ensure it was indeed, doing the correct processing.

Once again,

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

or, in this case

Give a Dev a solution, and You help Him for a Day. Teach a Dev Avionics, and You enable Him for a MSFS Lifetime

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I setup a windsock with magnetic variation (-7) on the airfield which I made. I believe this is natural for pilots.

Did this issue get anywhere?

I’m battling with this right now :slight_smile: I want to set custom winds at say 2500’ but find that the surface wind is way high - this may be correct but i dont think it is.

The windsocks do not seem sensitive enough and it takes about 40 knots surface wind to extend one - should be more like 15-18 knots?

I still can’t figure if i want winds of 20 knots, is it just the wind slider or wind and gust that need to be 20 or?

Nobody seems to know anything about the wind, oh and ATIS still reports in FPS not knots, even after SU8 :frowning:

I don’t know how any of this SDK stuff works, why would it matter how you place a windsock? The windsock just shows where the wind is coming from, we then measure that according either magnetic or true north…

Additionally to all above, the conversion between units seems totally off: Wind Layer - Math does not check out

if you use hybrid units, the UI says km/h, but treats the values as knots, converts them with 1.8 (which is correct for km/h → knots) and injects them as knots in the sim again. This leads to 19km/h = 36kn, which might be not correct, but who am I to judge :wink:

It’s been an issue since MSFS was released.

Wind is reported in ft/sec as opposed to Knots.

Totally amazing that this has been like this for almost 1.5 years, and such a simple but glaring BUG has not been corrected.

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I’m sorry I wanna ask something but instead of opening a new topic I thought I’d write here. Do we have windshear in the sim at the moment?