Surprise for Testers?

Cant ever remember seeing or reading anything. Did anything ever come of the surprise that was promised for Alpha / Beta testers ?

if I’m not mistaken, the surprise was the matte black aviators club liveries.


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no problem :grin:

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That is indeed correct. The matte-black liveries are originally only available for alpha/beta participants. I say originally, because I believe they are already downloadable as a mod.

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well, that takes away from the purpose of them - that being exclusive liveries for the testers, anyway…


Well, it’s illegal, but still happens. It’s not that MS made them publically available. It might have a license check, though. Not sure.

thought so. Bit of a shame that people would download it knowing that it was reserved for the testers exclusively. Unfortunately these kind of things are on the rise in the FS community, bredok3d, cough, cough. Anyway, I’ll stay on topic. You should probably shut this topic seeing as it’s seemingly finished, but I’ll let you do your job.

Happy Flying! :airplane:

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Whats the point of the matte black livery, others will not see what it looks like while your flying around, if they don’t have it too. Guess if you just want to see it, but who flies the plane on the outside that much anyway, especially with VR.

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I’ve asked myself this as well. I don’t know about others, but I spend like 99% of my time inside my cockpit, not outside looking at my plane. The only other people that would be able to see that special livery would be other testers. It’s cool I guess to see someone else that was a tester also (like being in a secret society lol), but to everyone else, you look like a noob using the default livery.

Thought the surprise was just new bugs.

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This is why I’ve created this wishlist topic a while back already:
Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries around you

What else would be cool, is that the vehicles and traffic appear the same on multiplayer, as one person will say, check out that fire truck coming your way, and you won’t see it.

Or there plane taxing by, but not on your screen, not sure how hard it would be to make it so we all see the same stuff…

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