Surprisingly good results using GSYNC and VSYNC

After the Nvidia driver issue, I was determined to sort out my system, monitor, hardware, leads and settings. So falling back to 496.98, and with that I also updated my monitor firmware and try out Gsync, but my monitor had freesync, apparently it works with my 2070 if I use the required Display port cable, so I removed the hdmi cable I had been using and swapped back to Display port to get the Gsync option to show in the Control Panel.

I also tried setting the Vsync to Fast ( delivers latency that is very close to VSYNC off with no tearing) in the Control Panel and not in game, set Low Latency Mode to On ( prioritise latency by limiting queued frames to 1)

Everything else in the Control Panel is default, no other changes. In game I have turned VSYNC to OFF and it is really smooth when flying with fps about 25-45 depending where and how clouds etc.

My system is
5600x - 2070 - 32gb ram - Win11 - 1440p 144hz monitor with freesync. Display Port cable used is Ivankey 2K@144Hz

Just wanted to share my findings here, maybe someone more technical could give some input and if it helps you I would be interested to know, also runs my other game titles really smooth.