Switching between VR / Monitor does only work once --> OpenXR Error

Hello , since a few days I cannot switch between VR and 2D anymore. It only works once and when I want to switch back to VR, the following Error occurs. Does anyone have the same problem?

Headset Reverb G2, RTX3090, I9 9900K@4.9GHz.

This seem to be not a new Problem. I ´ve found an older, closed thread but there was no solution discussed.

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I’ve also experienced the same behavior. Looking forward to a possible solution :grin:

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I think, I´ve just found the solution (for me).
Few days ago I changed some things in the Mixed Reality Windows settings, where you can adjust the resolution and performance…

I changed all options where it was possible to “let windows decide”. I now changed it back to “High” and “best visual performance” and now I can switch between VR and Montior again as often as I want.

Hope this helps…

Edit: Hmm na… Had this again now… weird.

I’m having this exact issue. Please if anyone else has tried this and it works, please let us know.

It works for me (Not using the “let windows decide option”), but for some reason, the new Open XR Dev tool seem to be involved in the problem. When I click “use latest runtime” I have this problem after the first switch to VR and back, but when I leave it off. switching works fine.

Is there a way to roll back to the former Dev Tool Version?

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I dont think that there is option to do that. And it is not issue of developer tool, but openxr runtime. Dev tool only allows you to switch between stable and preview. Preview OpenXR runtime seem to have bug, just keep it in stable (turn off “Use preview”) and enjoy game :wink: Probably with new release of openxr they will fix it.

Yes, I’ve been having this when going to 2D mode to take some screenshots and when I go back to VR, this is the exact error. Probably a problem with latest preview OpenXR runtime. It’s been happening for the past 1-2 weeks but not if I switch to 2D at the main menu, only when flying.
Reverb G2, RTX 3080 here…

Yes, thanks - Seems to be the right way.

Not that I know of but there are probably some sites that offer older drivers. I’ll try do what you said and hopefully it’ll work

This has been happening to me since the last update.

Try using not the newest OPenXR Preview in OpenXR Developer Tools. After that i did not have this anymore. And better fps. Then it uses 107.2108.5003.

Yes, same for me - Using the latest preview cause this problem.
FPS-wise I dont see a difference (at least a noticable difference) when having latest preview On oder Off.

Still same Problem when using todays update.

Same issue over here. Will try do disable the preview option in OpenXR. Wasn’t even aware I had that one enabled…

I have this happening all the time when I am experimenting with different OpenXR settings vs Renderscale. I leave VR in the sim, open openXR dev, change the scale, go back into the sim, start VR again and that never works. Always the error message… Would be greatful if anyone could tell me if there is another way? This way it is very frustrating to test because I have to restart the sim every single time… (and as we all know, that might take a while…)

My problem is similar, but different! Runs great in 2D, Ctrl-Tab into VR and it runs great. Ctrl-Tab again to exit VR and… wait for it… eventually something happens. It is running slower, MUCH slower, than a slideshow. So slow in fact, that it is just about impossible to select anything. Only escape is Task Manager and Exit the Sim!

i5 9600K OC’d 4.85Ghz, 32 GB Sys RAM (DDR4 @ 3200), RTX 3080 Ti (12 GB VRAM - MSI Suprim), 2 X 1TB NVME SSD.

You need to uncheck “use latest preview openxr runtime” option in openxr. Then you can tab in and out of vr as you like without errors

I have exact the same problem as in the first post.
It makes no difference on my system if I use OpenXR “latest preview” (108.2109.10009) or “stable” (107.2108.5003) even with reboots inbetween the switching-
I can start VR only once :frowning:

I found a solution for me! :slight_smile:
Obviously I had the wrong OpenXR Version! I have a problem with Win 10 Update KB5005565, it won’t install, but this is a different story.
So thats why OpenXR did not get any update on my system and was on Version 107.2108.5003. I then deinstalled “OpenXR Dev” and “OpenXR”, rebootet and installed it back (OpenXR installed automatically). Then I checked Versions.
Now my system uses Version 107.2109.10010 (my “preview” Version was all the time 108.2109.10009 and still is!).
In MSFS I can now switch again back and forth between 2D and VR!

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Hmm. really? Are you 100% sure? Meanwhile I´ve had to install the Update and updated OpenXR and DevTool, too and for me it is still the issue. But maybe I´ll try deinstall OpenXR and Tool with reinstalling them again. Thanks for your message.