Switching to PC?

Hi all

I have FS on the Xbox Series X but am a little frustrated with the lack of addons and am hankering for VR (I have a Quest 2)

I am thinking about selling the XSX and getting a PC with a 3600Ti or 6700XT. Spec I am looking at:

  • Intel i7-10700KF 8 Core/16 Threads Processor
  • RTX3060Ti 8GB Video Card
  • B560M-PRO-VDH LGA1200 Motherboard
  • 16 or 32 Gb Ram


  • AMD Ryzen5 3600 6 Core/12 Threads Processor
  • Gigabyte A520M DS3H AC Motherboard
  • AMD RX6700XT 12GB Graphics
  • 16 or 32 Gb Ram

Has anyone tried FS on PC and XSX? Is going to a PC like this going to be a downgrade in performance? Will the VR experience be any good?


Here was my post on this very subject not long ago.


I favor the 32gb Ram option it really helps out graphics wise and if you run it with a faster processor your controls will do better in other’s games as well I’m also running a segate external drive for more space and I recommend getting a lot of memory as you can with the segate

Are the rigs listed pre-built?

They are, yes

I can report good luck with my build, now eighteen months old, built specifically for MSFS:

Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite WiFi mainboard
Ryzen 5 3600 (now 5600X)
Gigabyte Aorus RX5700XT
Corsair Vengeance 3200 - 2 X 16GB
Corsair RM850x PSU

One caveat: the AMD video drivers can be finicky. I am running one that’s nearly a year old, with stable results.

Good luck with your new PC! :slight_smile:

I take all that on board (and thanks to everyone for the feedback)… But I am going to struggle to build a PC, even with the parts listed, for less. Also I am willing to pay a little for the convenience of just having it delivered with Windows installed and ready for FS :slight_smile:

I am also not sure prices are going to fall any time soon, and I can sell my Xbox SX at good price right now, so it isn’t a bad time to make the move IMO.

Main thing is whether I can use VR on a build like that (Or if I went 3070 for a little more money?) Doing some more research, I get the feeling the builds above might be a bit underpowered?


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I think what some of us are trying to say is that it’s not about building them yourself. But a pre-built branded PC might be overpriced.

Instead, get separate components from the store, and see if they offer building the PC with some added fee. Chances are you’re going to get a lot more value due to the cheaper parts, plus a very trivial building fee on top of it, rather than buying the premium for branded manufacturers.

Or if you know a friend who loves to build PC, you can ask for their help, and treat them to a dinner or a coffee.

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It’s running really well on my system and that speaks volumes. I’m averaging on ‘high setting’ with anisotropic at x16 high 50s - mid 60s fps over southern California. I’m glad I didn’t rush out and buy a new system when I caught wind the sim was coming out. Now is not a good time to buy or build a PC. Prices are way overpriced.

Win 10 Pro 21H1 19043.1237
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 rev 1.0 (BIOS F-10)
Core i7 3770K
32GB G-Skill Trident X DDR3 7-8-8-24
Asus RTX 2070 OC 8GB (drivers 471.96)
1TB Crucial MX500 SSD
(x3) 1TB RAW Mushkin SSDs
LG Blue Ray DL
Inateck KU5211 USB 3.2 Adapter
Corsair RM750w PSU
Rosewill Chalenger Mid Tower
Tt esports Commander Keyboard Combo
Oculus Quest 2
Thrustmaster 2x MFD Cougar

Is that Ryzen 5 3600 a standard AM4 socket compliant ?
I thought I read somewhere that there is a AM4 Enhanced socket…
Not sure what CPU’s they are for…and I may be completely in error here.

Just get ryzen 5600x or 5800x coupled with 3060ti and 32gb ram. This will run the game on ultra settings at 1440p.
Don’t get an AMD gpu and don’t get ryzen 3600, it’s slow, it’s old.

I’ve seen some pretty well priced prebuilt systems recently and it’s the only real way you’re going to find a new GPU at a sensible price point currently.

For entry into the pc market prebuilt is a really good way in. You’ve got support if needed as well.

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I highly recommend 32GB of RAM.

I’m running my pc setup with an HP omen desktop with 32gb Ram if your worried about not running your disks they also have external usb dvd disk drives and external usb connect floppy disk drives as well that’s a good one because you can open the door and eventually sub out stuff in the future and I recommend a usb hub attachment also

Best way to go.

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Might a bit slow for VR. I have a Ryzen 5900x, 2080 Ti and 64 gigs of RAM (not really utilized by MSFS anymore). VR on the Reverb G2 is OK but requires a lot of compromises to be relatively smooth and sharp at the same time.

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You buy a pre built pc.
Don’t listen to the others.
At least it should have a pre built base for you.
The pc is a very complicated machine.
You will never be happy until you have spent three grand.
It is a rat run for supremacy.
I support you all the way.
You clearly enjoy msfs2020.
You do need a pc if you want to get serious.
Good choice and good luck :point_up_2::+1:


If you can build a Lego kit, you can build a PC. And we’re all here to help. Plus, there’s YouTube.


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Yep … if your aiming for stock ultra up to 1440p then the specs posted are fine and ANY GPU from AMD (6xxx series) or NVIDIA is fine… Only up to 1440p resolution though…
If your going 4k or VR you’re going to need a bit more grunt above a 3060ti and i would only recommend an nvidia product in this category only because AMD is just now getting to grips with VR support and are slightly behind of Nvidia equivalent GPUs at 4k performance.

If i were you and you are set on picking a prebuilt i would choose the intel option with 32gigs ram and the 6700xt … and pair it with an Ultrawide monitor to get your feet wet. Sell the card after a few months upgrade to an Nvidia product then try for VR.

Be very mindful of your budget and expectations… Especially if you primarily are trying to get into VR

CAVEAT … My assessment was based on performance of VR pre SU5… I dont see it changing much post. I stand corrected if someone who has an RTX 2080Super or 3060ti is able to report a pleasureable experience in VR close with close to Ultra settings.

PC will definitely get you access to a whole new world of community generated content as well as a greater availability of quality flight peripherals.

Good luck and see you in the skies.

Once you get your PC and VR up and running give IL-2 a shot. It is extremely fun in VR. Runs very nicely indeed too.