SWS Kodiak 100 Update Is Out

Just saw the announcement on their Discord. Doesn’t look like the update has been pushed out to third party yet but is available from their website.

Change Log:



Only thing that really bugs me is the condition lever a bit jumpy in the control axis where it’s hard to set without accidentally dropping off into shut-off. Even watching it it gets to the ground/low idle detent clumsily and then if you flinch in the slightest it drops off to shutoff. The TB allows the detent stop for prop and power, can’t get it to set the detent to be the demarcation between low idle and shut off for some reason, which would make it hella easier.

Just Flight also has it.

Do you have a Honeycomb Bravo by chance, If so, I’d suggest watching this video and building a new profile to fix the mixture issue.


Still waiting for Orbx…

Is it reasonable to expect the update will be in this Thursday’s marketplace update (for us xbox-only users)?

XBOX’s recent release is the updated version. They held off on the PC update until today.


So much for receiving email notification from the developer regarding update.


I noticed the changelog mentioned some changes to the ability to dim the garmin panels for night flying. Since the update today I can’t change the brightness of the panels at all. Anyone else noticed this?

Never have been able to

Worked fine for me before the update.

does the update also fix the ctd’s on the xbox if you load the kodiak in the 4 row (cargo)? 4 row left and right loaded → cdt. only 4 rows loaded on the right–> ctd. And there were further loading conditions that triggered the ctds. have the cupholders already been moved for different liveries? they fold into the seat.

This update is not for XBOX, it is PC only and brings the Kodiak to the same build as XBOX is currently.

aha, thanks for the reply. when will the themes be fixed for xbox?

You would have to ask SWS that directly. I’d check their forum or Discord.

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Finally got the update from ORBX

Luckily, they pushed out the updated version to the marketplace.

The typical flash to bang time when an update is pushed to the marketplace and when it goes live is 4-8 weeks.

This video fixes the issue that you are talking about.
Watch the whole video or go to time stamp 6.45. Watching the whole video will set up the Bravo correctly for the Kodiak allowing to set the condition lever properly.

Reading the change log but, where is the link to download

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You have to dim them from the Menu button the pilot’s PFD now, there are % values under the Menu button that now control the brightness. Im glad they did this, the screens didn’t dim enough before and they were connected to the panel lights, which was a pain. Now the panel and PFD/MFD brightness are independent from eachother.