SWS Kodiak 100 Update Is Out

Having tested the update on a few takeoffs and landings I have to say the Kodiak flies better now. Seems more realistic in slips and slow flight / landing. Overall this makes a great aircraft even better, update well done.

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Unfortunately still drops it’s nose after autopilot disconnect on ILS/VNAV approaches.

I have the same question. I’m on the SWS website, have signed into my account, but can’t find the download location. Are we supposed to download the entire aircraft again, or is there an update file to download?

I forget where I bought it from but have it in both my Contrail and ORBX apps.

When you login to Simworks Studios.

Where can I read the changelog? Didn’t get any e-mail notification and bought it directly from the developer. Didn’t see any changelog though.

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A link to the changelog is in the OP of this thread.

Oh, I’m blind. It’s getting late here :slight_smile:

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Thankyou for the reply.
Only showing update for 12/18/21.
Guess it is not available for me just yet.;

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Clicked on your name in top right then on MY ACCOUNT, that will take you to the pasge you nreed.

If you are on the developer website, under your account ‘ my downloads, the date shown is when you purchased it not the date of the updated version. Their indication of a new update is the little red exclamation point. It’s a full download of the aircraft that just replaces everything you already have in your community folder. So just download and extract it right over then top of existing files (or delete the old version first). It’s not obvious on their website but that red exclamation point is the indicator of a new download/version (they explained this on their discord which is the best place to watch for news as they didn’t email all of us, they posted on their discord the details and timing of the update).

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I can’t click on the frequency transfer buttons (<->) on the PFD, or select any on the radio select buttons (com1, com2, …) to the right of the PFD. All the repeated buttons (repeated between left PFD, MFD, right PFD) work only for either for the MFD or right PFD.

I’m on the PC marketplace version (and I’m using the WT G1000 mod from the marketplace). Anybody else notice that? I don’t have any other mods installed.

Thanks fir that information. A bit confusing but, it works.

This is regarding the following item from the changelog:

-Fixed pitch trim mismatch when disengaging AP.

I don’t think this has been entirely fixed. When doing a stabilized ILS approach and when disconnecting the autopilot, the nose still drops noticeably.

Anybody else seen that too?

I loved the Kodiak for about 10 hours of flight on the Xbox Series X, but now I cannot load into a flight without a CTD. Purchased it two days ago. Tried loading other aircraft with no issues. Tried other liveries, cargo,non cargo, etc. Crashes every time. I’m sure it’s on Asobo’s / MS side, but at this point I’m frustrated enough with MSFS2020 that I’m done troubleshooting around all the issues. Unfortunate, but just like all the other Microsoft junk I’m forced to use at work. I’ll have a Series X and Velocity One for sale on FB marketplace shortly. XP11 might not be as pretty to look at, but its useable, runs great on a Mac , and doesn’t play like an arcade game.

Are the fps problems with the EIS fixed?

No, it’s not something simworks can “fix”, it has to do with how the pc version of MSFS runs flight management systems…there are 2 workarounds that have been posted often (the one most use to pull the fuse for the backup system to shut it off, or there is a workaround in MSFS developer mode that has a few other steps and changes the way the sim coding runs the flight mgmt system code…but the easier way it to just pull the fuse).

The developer mentioned these 2 workarounds and the underlying problem here: see post 592 from January 19th

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I just soft locked my Kodi turning it back on from cold and dark after landing in a field and messing with weight :thinking:

Same here.

Same here. Disabling the AP on final is rarely a smooth transition, as the nose almost always tends to drop noticeably. If you are aware of it and prepared, it takes half a second to counteract that but it still doesn’t look normal. I’d like to check simvar data and see how trim percentage changes when disabling AP.


This hasn’t been fixed at all. I flew an approach “by the book” disconnected the AP at 500 feet and the nose dropped like a stone.

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