System error after uninstalling and updateing windows 10


i uninstalled msfs and reinstalld it after it finishes installing on xbox store from my pc click on the desck top icon then this pops up why is this happining any help would be nice thx

Think you need to update your gaming services and xbox app in the store, it’s something you should have done before reinstalling. If not that then look in -

C:\XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content

for the ‘Flight Simulator’ application and try that. If it works then right click on it and create a shortcut to your desktop for future use.

i updated the xbox app and gameing services still dosent work when i went in to the C:\XboxGames\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Content folder i clicked on msfs it still came up

You tried already the hints from all the existing topics ?

Forum search:

Example Result:

there are other topics, e.g. also with hints like execute the usually system check ( sfc /scannow ) , etc…