T.Flight Rudder Pedal Sensitivity Settings

I need some help (i’ve searched the forums). I cannot for the life of me get the settings right for the T.Flight Rudder Pedals.

At 0% sensitivity they feel much too sensitive, the tiniest movement whips the plane on the runway.

At higher sensitivity it starts feeling better, but due to how the curves work when I hit a certain deflection it whips my plane at a ridiculous rate.

I feel like i’m pretty much oscillating down the runway until i’m in the air, struggling to keep the plane going straight.

Does ANYONE have this setup that can share sensitivity settings that work for them??


I cant speak for your particular set up, but start in the 60-70% range. Also depending on the plane… the smaller the aircraft, the worse it handles with flaps down.

Learning learning learning. You’re right, the t-rudders are pretty sensitiv and I checked out a lot of settings ending up at the beginning with a sensitivity of zero or better linear. All the other try’s ended up catastrophic because, you told it already, if you come over „the point“ the plane is going mad.


I have the settings below (which are the default ones for TFRP):

Works fine with Airbus but I have not tested with general aviation yet.


The T.Flight Rudder Pedals must be used with the Thrustmaster drivers only. It’s night and day compared to Microsoft’s drivers.
Look for TPR calibration tool.


What’s the difference with sensitivity zero setting?

No idea. The calibration tool of FS2020 is very curious. This S shape for example. It’s give a abrupt movement to the ailerons. No plane reacts like this.

Well, but that’s the sensitivity setting only. It’s not a matter of the driver. That’s what I meant with „ending up at a linear setting“ above. I guess you will find in all real non FBW Aircrafts a linear setting of controls. That’s why the s-curve setting doesn’t make sense to me.

it should be linear for the most realistic behavior. It seems though many people have trouble with the fine control (close to the center), reducing sensitivity helps with that (less rudder reaction for movements near the center).
The sensitivity then HAS to have an S-curve, otherwise you wouldn’t reach 100% rudder deflection when you input full rudder.

I’m using sensitivity +/- 64% with a 19% dead zone for Joystick L-Axis Z. Haven’t experimented with the settings since setting them at release.

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I’ve got the TFRP rudders and have had severe control issues with them, primarily on the ground. In the air, the amount of control is tolerable although a bit jerky. But during the takeoff roll and especially during the landing roll, it’s as if the plane turned into a drunken ice skater. I can make a perfectly graceful, straight down the center, landing, but as soon as the wheels touch the ground, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen. I’ve tried numerous settings from various sources, and so far nothing has helped. A strange aspect to this situation is that sometimes the plane will go in a straight line for awhile, and then suddenly veer wildly off the runway, either to the left or right, and sometimes even with the opposite rudder extended all the way.

I’d really like to know if this is Thrustmaster’s problem, Asobo’s problem, user error, or some combination. If it’s Asobo’s problem, I wish they’d finally fix it.


Hi CanineBass.
Did you test your rudders with another simulator like IL2 or DCS?
Did you install the drivers from Thrustmaster web site because what you describ is the problem I had with microsoft drivers.

Use the settings that Hitz337 shows above in the Daher TBM (my fav aircraft) and the settings work perfectly. :grin:

I realize my Thrustmaster rudders use the Microsoft drivers. Maybe after a Windows update.
They work perfectly now after the last update of MSFS2020.
See my settings on pictures.


Thanks… These are working perfectly for me

Thank You … I have used the settings you suggest and they work great for me .

Are these settings only if you are using MS drivers and not Thrustmaster?

I keep it this way. The Tflight rudder software is used to adjust the dead spot and the sensibility at full deflexion.

OK, after a little tweak and uninstalling the Thrustmaster drivers, it is working better than before.

What does the input response of the rudder pedals look like when viewed with DIView?

(Right click within the axis to toggle Raw data view)