Tail number and call sign not registering

wont let me input call sign or tail number it just disappears.

Seconding this, I’ve encountered this issue as well. Seems like they’re not remembered anymore, which is a shame. I hope that’s restored soon.


Are you sure it is not saving in game or just appearing blank on the menu screen? I changed mine and it keeps even after restarting the game, but the fields are always blank when I come back.


I have the exact same experience. The fields do look blank, but the tail number/call sign are displayed everywhere (in world map flights, training, bush trips, discovery flights etc.) and they persist after a restart of MSFS.


Second this. No matter what i try the Call Sign is missing.

“… resume on own navigation”

Me too, same thing happening. I haven’t verified yet that it is just going blank but stays on aircraft in flight.

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The customization menu has back tracked for me. As I’m typing my tail number, flight number and callsign, the fields I have typed something in will clear themselves. Same thing with the “heavy” option, it will just reset itself to on while still on that screen. Nothing will stay in the fields I type in. Completely broken for me.


Today’s hotfix didn’t fix this. :pensive:

I have confirmed along with others here when you input N number, callsign and flight number although it DOES disappear in the menu, they are applied to the aircraft. Since the N number is case-sensitive now, it will appear on aircraft just as you type it in.

Note–I haven’t flown a flight yet, but when I load the flight and I am at the end of the runway ready for takeoff, callsigns and N number seem to work as advertised.

I submitted a zendesk bug report on this. The ticket number is: 114203

Here is my write-up…

The following values in the ATC Options screen (from the World Map) do not save/persist between flights like it used to do. Since SU5, they no longer get saved or persisted…

  • Tail Number
  • Call Sign
  • Flight Number
  • Append “Heavy” to Call Sign

I submitted a Zendesk bug report. The ticket number is: 114203

Steps to repro…

World Map > Aircraft Selection (choose an airplane) > Customization > Change all the following: Tail Number Call Sign Flight Number Append “Heavy” to Call Sign (changed to “OFF”) Now start the flight. When flight is finished, exit the sim. Relaunch the sim and go back to the Customization (as described)…notice the values are blank and the “heavy” setting is back to “ON”. None of those settings persisted from the last session.


I voted. Same problem here. Disappointing!

The same here, no matter how much I put the tail number, it does not recognize it in any flight, disappointing

Among other things broken of course, from SU5

It is sad that in each actualization they break something different

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Maybe nothing, but I notice - in the customization screen - my 'TAB" key will not advance the cursor to the next box.


Same problem here. The call sign that I had originally put in is still on the airplane but not in the menu. If I try to change it in the menu it just goes blank after about 3 seconds.

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it appears to actually “register” the changes and you can see those on the plane, but they don’t display here in the menu.

ah didn’t see this one even tho i looked :joy:
Created a post myself earlier, but yeah i hope this gets fixed soon

Same problem at home: even when I leave empty I have a registration from a previous plane and a previous flight :face_with_thermometer:


Same, it uses my last saved airline and flight number I did before the SU5 update. Glad I’m not the only one.


Not only that, but weather settings, fuel settings and anything involving this flight planning screen never saves and carries over to the actual flight. When I load in, it is just loading default settings. Have to change it in flight for the sim to acknowledge anything.

Asobo, what have you done?!?

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I have the same problem.