Tail number and call sign not registering

wont let me input call sign or tail number it just disappears.

After SU5 I cannot remove the tail number on the airplane customization.
Even though the field is empty I always get the same reg I used last time.
This means that, when using a livery with fixed tail number, I will get the previous one I had used, even if I don’t have anything in the tail number field.

Seconding this, I’ve encountered this issue as well. Seems like they’re not remembered anymore, which is a shame. I hope that’s restored soon.


Are you sure it is not saving in game or just appearing blank on the menu screen? I changed mine and it keeps even after restarting the game, but the fields are always blank when I come back.


I have the exact same experience. The fields do look blank, but the tail number/call sign are displayed everywhere (in world map flights, training, bush trips, discovery flights etc.) and they persist after a restart of MSFS.


Second this. No matter what i try the Call Sign is missing.

“… resume on own navigation”

PC Store Premium: since SU 5 the tail number, callsign and flight number are no longer saved. Additionally the top of screen toolbar does not hide automatically as it used to before SU5.

Have a look to see if your airports visited history is updating also…

I have 3 flights in that “history” these look like the first 3 airports I ever visited.

Nothing from any recent (like “just now” “today” “last flight I made” is getting saved there.

Weights are resetting also…

And as you say, aircraft ID. Forgotten.

All history from August 18 2020 is there.

Same here. Tail, callsign, FN have to be entered every time before a flight now. Payload and Fuel in game don’t have the slider to set total. Have to individually add passenger weight and adjust each fuel tank.

Me too, same thing happening. I haven’t verified yet that it is just going blank but stays on aircraft in flight.

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It was always a bit flaky but since SU5 world map no longer saves…

Tail number / call sign etc

Weights / Fuel load

Weather (was always flaky, remains flaky)

Recent airports history.

So, it must have written that data to file somewhere because it used to save a list of recent airports but now it’s only showing 3 airports…and in fact these are the first 3 airports I ever visited ever. (So it’s referring to an old file stored somewhere locally or in the cloud?)

Is anybody else seeing this with any of the above? Does anybody know of a way to shake some life back into it so that it starts storing this data again?


Same here.

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I guess we need to open zendesk tickets for this then.

The more tickets get opened the larger the chance they will escalate.

Yes, same first 3 airports I visited when I first used the sim and never updates. Also, the airport search now requires you to click in the search box. With SU4 and earlier versions, one could search by typing while airport dropdown list was active.

I don’t see the point of listing recent airports if they are not updated.

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Can no longer tab through the Payload and Fuel settings to make changes. Need to click individually on each setting to make a change. Much more difficult to prepare the aircraft with SU5.

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Every update takes away a quality of life feature. It’s almost as if they despise their player base, especially us PC users, after turning the game into a console port that they promised wouldn’t happen.


The customization menu has back tracked for me. As I’m typing my tail number, flight number and callsign, the fields I have typed something in will clear themselves. Same thing with the “heavy” option, it will just reset itself to on while still on that screen. Nothing will stay in the fields I type in. Completely broken for me.


I was wondering about that. It felt different. Like an extra step had been added but I just wasn’t sure if I was remembering wrong.

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Yes, I’ve run into the exact same issues since SU5 - hopefully the upcoming patch will fix some of these.

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