Taking screenshots?

Hey folks, what’s a good way to take nice screenshots? I had a look in the keyboard controls and found nothing when searching for “screenshot”. At the moment I’m using the nVidia geforce thing which isn’t too great (and I end up with the UI plastered all over the picture!)

Unfortunately the game doesn’t have a built in way to take screenshots. What I’ve been doing is using the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10. I’m playing the version from the MS Store so I’m not sure if this is different for Steam. Although I think Steam has it’s own built in screenshot key. F12 maybe?

Anyway, not sure if this works for everyone’s setup but you might be able to use the following:

[Windows Key] + [ALT] + [Print Screen]

This will take a screenshot and save it. Then to access those screenshots, you can hit [Windows Key] + [G] which will bring up the Xbox Game Bar. There should be a little window named Capture and at the bottom a link to view all captures. This brings up the gallery where you have more options like showing the image file location on the computer.

As for clearing the screen while taking screenshots. I use the Active Pause feature in the game. This feature is not mapped to any keys from the beginning so you will have to map it yourself. Just go into the options and under Keyboard search for ‘pause’. This should give you a short list of things, one being Active Pause. Just assign this to whatever you want. I’ve used the [`/~] key right below [ESC] and it seems to work out well. Hitting this in flight will pause your aircraft but keep everything else moving.

Once paused you can go into the camera settings and switch to the Showcase camera. This removes most UI elements for a clean screenshot opportunity. You control a drone where you can reposition the camera. I have yet to dig deeper but I feel like I saw a setting somewhere to turn off the markers for landmarks, etc. Maybe a little digging around and you can find that setting. I’ve just been rotating the camera to avoid them. It would be nice to be able to toggle those with a shortcut somehow, but again, I haven’t dug deep enough for that yet.

Hopefully all that helps out some.