Taking the PC plunge soon

I think you’re a mind reader…I was just thinking this morning about getting the Tobii or trackir and also looking at an upgrade to a widescreen curved monitor. I’m not interested in full VR (I’m prone to motion sickness so don’t need that level of realism).

So with a widescreen does it “stretch” the view or just extend the view. I have a 32 inch regular monitor but am constantly panning left/right and zooming to look at cockpit controls, etc. I thought both widescreen and some kind of tracker would fix this.

@PluckyUnderdog What has been your fav new PC plane so far? The list of available planes is long and most are expensive so I’m not sure where to start. I was thinking Hawk T1 since I enjoy the MB339 aot but not sure it would different enough. Also either the 310 or 414. For now I’m just getting used to fbw 32nx so holding off on the expensive airliners (although I will get 737-800 when that is released)l

As far as VRAM, I always suspected memory problems being responsible for the many CTDs a got on xbox with complex airports. I often see my VRAM usage approach 12GB in dense areas/airports.

I’d say the BAe 146. It is my favourite aircraft IRL and it’s a joy to fly, I think the autopilot system with the sync mode is pretty advanced, even nowadays.

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A widescreen extends the view, but at the edges it stretches too much.
I have a biggish 4k monitor I might try using instead of the widescreen, but it’s a bit big and heavy to move to my msfs desk!
4K would show the interior of the cockpit better, but I currently use separate touchscreens running Air Manager for the instruments.

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