Taxi Navigation Ribbon - Toggle

You can now download a mod with a few variations here:
[UPDATE 1.1.0] Small Taxi Helpers (3D/VR) | Reality XP

old info deprecated

Here is the modified file (and adjusted translation to 0.2 instead of 0.05): (75.1 KB)

  1. Click to download, remove the .pln extension then unzip the archive.

  2. Copy the extracted Asobo_UI.BGL into \OneStore\fs-base\scenery\Global\Asobo_UI (make a backup of the original before)

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Btw, why don’t you just post this as a community mod at

I was actually doing some hex editing myself on these taxi ribbons and currently doing some testing and I’m planning to upload my edit there, but I just don’t want to step into anyone’s toes about this.

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The main reason is that I’ve been wanting to hex edit a few other things like this but didn’t find the time really yet, but this planned indeed!

I was also trying to make this Asobo_UI.bgl into a community packaged mods so that people can just put them into the community folder… I’ve built the layout.json and the manifest.json and everything.

But it didn’t work… lol.

or, a follow me car would be even better

I’ve just noticed the latest Blog Update is saying 2021-22 for this feature…

Honestly, I don’t want to judge, and I can imagine no one is available in the team to implement this, but on the other hand this doesn’t look like something requiring a lot of work either, because the infrastructure for supporting this is already implemented. I mean there is already the event/commands system which exists, and there are already events binding commands to functions, what is holding back implementing this feature for so long? (the OP is from August 2020!)

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Thanks to @CptLucky8 for the guidance.

I’ve uploaded a Subtle Taxi Ribbon mod that anyone can use. It’s smaller, green colour to match taxiway centre lights, as well as invisible parking box.

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Getting back to the original topic of ease to toggle the taxi ribbon on, I too would like some sort of quick access to it. The traditional FSX method worked well by coupling it to the ATC menus. If you had ATC up, you’d acknowledge the ground handoff and then go through the options to choose and acknowledge taxi instructions. Upon completing that, you were immediately presented with an option in the ATC window – “Turn on progressive taxi”. Clicking that option would display the taxi path on the runway, and the option would stick as a toggle option in the ATC window.

The current method requires going back to the menu, opening a separate options window (Pilot Assist menu) and finding and turning on an individual toggle. Then potentially minimizing or closing the window to get it out of the way while taxiing. Too many steps; too much friction in the UI. The user is already in the ATC menu – the taxi ribbon is conditional upon ATC interaction anyway. It makes sense to put a toggle there, where it will appear exactly when and where it’s needed. (The toggle in the assist menu can stay; it can act as a “master” toggle. If the player wants it active, no questions asked, toggle it on there, and connect it to the ATC menu logic so that it either won’t appear, or automatically appears as a temporary toggle “off” to declutter the taxiway view. If it’s off in the assist menu, make the ATC menu offer it as a toggle-on option immediately after taxi instruction acknowledgement.

Even if there’s no further work desired to make a keybind for it, at least make it available in a user-friendly way. The method established in FSX is convenient and quick to use, and makes good sense in terms of user interaction.

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Thanks to @Neo4316 suggestions I’ve finally decided to publish my mod for this:

This mod makes the Taxi Ribbon assistance less invasive in VR and more convenient in 3D

This mod replaces the set of Taxi Helpers UI so that you can keep the Taxi Ribbon assistance always enabled. It consists in modifications making them unobtrusive and naturally blending with the ground.

Smaller taxi ribbon arrows coloured green:

Blending naturally with the taxi lines and displaying only a few meters away from the aircraft.

Tweaked blue/green parking box helpers:

Displaying almost like ground painted lines as if they are normal features of the airport.

Indeed, this could have been part of the very first sim update. :smiley:

I seriously doubt this feature will be more than 10 lines of code…
Unless they messed up somewhere and their code structure isn’t so clean…

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This is a great idea - and hopefully easy to implement!

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Glad you finally released your taxi ribbon mod. When you were saying about making the parking box look like a painted parking area, I admit I thought you were going to recolour it to white to match the standard parking paint line colour. And use the same white colour between the “blue” mode and the “green” mode where you place the aircraft at the right position to make it more immersive as if you’re parking at a painted area which doesn’t change colours.

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This is a good idea which I plan in a future update!

I’ve been especially playing a little more with the colors and the materials yesterday.

In the meantime, “as painted area” means “painted on the ground” (nearly, there remains a small edge visible but I’ll try reducing it more later as well).

What about this:

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Oooohhh… look at that… what a beauty…

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Thank you for this little tool! Its bizarre Assistance options aren’t bindable given the 1000s of commands that are, I get the feeling the Asobo team only fly GA.

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Not sure why this topic is still open. It is possible to dynamically enable/disable taxi ribbons using the Flight Assistant drop-down menu. This feature was added in SU5.

Because like in the OP:

However you’re right in a sense because the OP is also about:

But in any case, what would be most useful (to me at least but I believe a lot of people are thinking alike in this topic), is to also add a command you could bind, so that you can toggle this feature with a button, a keyboard shortcut, another gauge, etc…

As a matter of fact, every single UI element should have an equivalent programmable actionable event in my opinion. This is also what contributes to make a difference between a game and a so called “platform” to develop upon, at least perceptually if not truly.


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A step in the right direction to be sure, but they need to separate it from the landing assist visual aids. I should be able to have one on, and the other off, as I was able to do through the in-game assistance menu.

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