Taxiway centreline / edge lights are a complete mess

This is an issue with almost all default airports in this sim and infact all 3rd party airport addons being released are coming with this issue.!!!

The taxiway centreline and edge lights are completely disoriented and arranged in a random fashion . I mean some of them are too closely spaced while some are too far apart. Some of them even don’t follow the taxiway centre line as well. Sometimes blue edge lights are placed on taxiway centreline and vice-versa. These lights are a complete mess.

Below is a screenshot of EGLC airport as a reference:

I even mentioned this issue with one of the 3rd party dev and they said that, at present, the algorithm by which these lights are implemented in the sim are completely unusual and also the present SDK doesn’t allow them to modify and implement that correctly in their airport products. They have provided some good suggestions to solve this & are waiting for a fix from Asobo.

MS/Asobo please take a note of it and do something and take the help/suggestions of 3rd party devs if needed.

Atleast, first address this taxiway light issue in the sdk as soon as possible, so that 3rd party devs can atleast implement this properly in their airport addons.

“UPDATE” - Better now, the blue lights are now on the edge and green lights are on the centre as expected, but still the problem of spacing and positioning persits. Link to the detailed post :point_down::

Thanks for reading

They’re not where they should be- just seems to be randomly placed, often right in the middle of the taxiway. Of course, such a glaring mistake would have been mentioned by someone on the Dev team but obviously these fixes fell on deaf ears.

Drives me nuts too. :slight_smile: Up voted.

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For an Xbox gamer, taxiways don’t matter, but for anyone remotely serious about simming, they are an unmitigated disaster.


Hopefully they can start an airport/scenery gateway like X-Plane has and the users/simmers can fix a bunch of these issues. I am sure that these lights, for the most part, are placed by their AI process so it’s not going to be perfect.


I think this is just a byproduct of the airport generation tools from satellite data. When they dropped down the taxiways, I guessing the default use of lights was per each side; and I’m sure they had options to use no taxiway lighting or lighting on one side for the taxi waypoint mapping; but when you are a outsourced team told to map out a few thousand airports in a matter of months, errors and a lack of attention to detail will seep thru.

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Yeah, I think the AI still is being trained, same as for things like the green roads in places, etc. So I think it’s going to keep getting better and we can help by putting our bug reports on Zendesk. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

There are taxiway lights all over the taxiways at KFCM airport.

seems I have to much time while flight IFR :rofl:

But yes… sometimes it causes bit confusion if the blue-lights are placed in middle of some-where, but not show me the borders :slight_smile: … thus… +1

They are distracting during daytime too - 2 foot high blue edge markers crossing taxyways? If they were flush lights, at least we could ignore them during the day.


I don’t know what i made wrong, but every Taxi Edge light (doesn’t matter If 3rd Party Addons, their handcrafted or Default Airports) looks Like unrealistic purple balls which turns kind of blue in distance, but over all way too much purple. Do not look like reallistic blue taxi edge light with white center and blue bloom

Screenshot => WindowsKey+PrintKey

Same here not sure which addon caused it

I did to show you what he is talking about as I’m experiencing the same issue but the images came out too bright it didn’t display the problem well I’ll try again later

ähmmm… sorry, you reported ( and I voted for ) that these lights are in a wrong/random position and not mark the way you for taxi / borders ( in my words/understanding ).

@HumdrumPlains83 (two months later) reported somewhat with “unrealistic purple balls … too much purple” … Is not same thing and therefore I ask what he see :slight_smile:

It’s kind of faded but you can see the purple ball within the blue case, I would see a bunch of purple light from afar. Unfortunately, the image will not display what I actually see.

Youll notice the whiteish colored ball in the case its actually purple in my screen

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hmm… I see blue lights… so, I’am not sure about… if the screenshot shows the right colors, then it is more a monitor setting… possible… or: … have you changed the color settings in nvidia control panel ?

Yea it’s Gamma in control panel. I had to adjust it after I connected the HDMI cable for HDR. Once I connected it the screen became washed out so I had to adjust the colors in control panel. I guess I’m stuck with purplish edge lights

I made of pictures of all possible setting problems. Will also put a list of 3rd party content and some more pictures here if required