Taxiway signs- please let us toggle ‘realistic’ or ‘big’

I know some users wanted bigger taxiway signs but for many of us the current implementation is too much. Not kidding, they’re bigger than some planes and I can read them from 250 feet in the air. Really degrades immersion at many airports.

Please let us toggle between the old type and the new.

They probably misunderstood the request… they made the panels much bigger when the problem was the text visibility ( resolution)… in xplane ( even in VR), the taxibway signs are on the same size as the initial ones in FS2020… but somehow the indications are easily seen from far away


That’s interesting, I never really noticed the resolution before.

In VR, you need ti be very close to be able to read them.
Same headset, other sim , and this issue is gone.

Also confirmed by other users using different BR headsets (so not brand related)

Remember to vote this. I don’t mind to have a slider. But as a sim, those sizes are ridiculous.

For me, an ideal solution would be realistic size and fonts, but combined with some kind of “cheat mode” allowing you to quickly gaze at a sign and have the view locked and zoomed. Just brain storming, haven’t worked out the details, but I hope it’s clear what I envisage.

So like a POI but you zom in on it?

I would not mind that.

I wrote that a long time ago, and recently JustFlight released an add-on for North America showing that no cheat mode seems to be necessary.