TBM after update

Seems less nerfed. At 25k w/32k crosswind TAS 296 GS 322. Was balls to the wall though, with the throttle. Downwind at 30k alt TAS 304 GS 350.
However, using the Working Title G3000 everything seemed to work except Direct to. Would not paint magenta line on map… Tried it several times. The shut down was a bit improved. If anyone tries the Direct To, let me know if you got it to work as it should.


Master warning does not silence alarm and external light pulse no longer work for me on xbox


Have not tried Direct To. Master alarm not silencing upon release of parking brake. ATC voices not being heard, nor are their coms showing up but I ■■■■ sure better respond or they will cancel my flight following. So far not seeing any improvement of value, yet.


In addition to the obvious and ridiculous parking brake chime issue, I did two takeoffs from different parts of the country and within 20 seconds of liftoff my ITT temp spiked, warning chimes, etc. I can’t use more than 90% throttle max.

Will the Mugz mod inherit this nutty parking brake behavior?


Yes, I can confirm Mugz mod is affected. However I did not have any issues with throttle behavior or ITT temps.

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PERMANENT ALARM in the TBM (no mods installed). Needs to be patched urgently.


That was found in beta already, I wonder why it was released.


I confirm. The master alarm is broken…


Yes, for sure very annoying. DING DING DING…basically they broke one of my favorite planes. Can’t listen to that alarm dinging and fly to.

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In another thread, using my Sherlock Holmes powers of deduction :roll_eyes::smile: I posited… “There’s no way that 5000 beta testers missed this”.

They’ve been ignoring beta tester feedback since the alpha. Many of the bugs reported in alpha are still present a year and a half later. Why would anyone think these beta sessions are going to be any different?


It’s the same for the Longitude - Master alarm resets do nothing now - constant dong dong until engine start - possibly linked to g3000/5000 since both planes use it?

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Same with Citation Cj4, endless warning sound.


Longitude also makes the CONTINUOUS ALARM. Needs to be patched urgently.


All that stuff is working fine with me. Are you XBOX?

yes series x

I’m at the PC

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What’s XBox? :laughing:

Your inertial separator must be on
Turn it off

My Inertial Separator is always on below 8k feet and I didn’t have the ITT problem. It seems we are being bitten by a variety of bugs and not all are feeling the same sting.