TBM930 GitHub Garmin3000 weather radar not working

Hi my friends,
the weather radar in the TBM930 is for unknown reasons, not working anymore. I use the WorkingTitle Garmin1000, Garmin3000 und Cessna Citation mod.
Has anyone the same problem, is this related to the newest WorkingTitle GitHub Garmin 3000 mod?
I am updating the GitHub Working Title mods on a regular base, but I have noticed that the weather radar on the TBM930 is malfunctioning for some time now and the problem consists even after updating the WorkingTitle Garmin mods.

If anyone knows how to solve this problem please let me know :slight_smile:

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I’ve the same problème

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Note that as of one of the recent sim updates, the weather radar now correctly shows precipitation where it used to show clouds. If the clouds don’t contain rain/snow/etc they may not show up on the radar, as I understand it.


Yes. That’s the reason. It works on actual precipitation.

I don’t see any rain in your screenshots, so the weather radar seems to be working as intended.

And because this is a conversation about the Working Title Mod - we’re moving to #third-party-addon-discussion:tools-utilities.

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Wow… after all these years I have learned something completely unexpected - you are right, the weather radar only shows rain!

“Clouds do not create a return. Magenta is reserved to depict intense or extreme precipitation or turbulence. Some aircraft have a dedicated weather radar screen.”

Awesome; I did not know that! That`s the ultimate realism I love in simulations.

Looks like it was my mistake, there is another sub-menu and the weather radar must be activated twice in two seperate sub-menues to show up properly.

And a weather radar will get a small echo from clouds and light drizzle:


Only singled-out very light cumulus clouds consisting of only steam are invisible for the radar, but all turbulences inside clouds, ice crystal or more dense water agglomeration leading to the smallest rain drops will show up as green areas on the radar screen.

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Was wondering about this the other day, very cool to see it’s working and is more inline with RL

But after WU7, the Weather Radar no longer seems to scan / update

This is a SU7 bug:
The weather radar doesn’t scan anymore continuously. To reproduce the issue, fly the TBM930 on the ground without any Mod installed. Display the weather radar (not the nexrad) and change the weather settings to rain. The display doesn’t change. If you switch to vertical mode, the radar updates but only a single time. If you move the aircraft, the display doesn’t change as it should.