TCA AIRBUS X not working with XBOX!

I have received the new TCA Airbus X compatible with Xbox. If the device is recognized in MSFS, there are issues in the assignments… for example, pressing the red button on top of the joystick to assign it to let’s say Autopilot Master switch, shows 4 buttons all together and freeze the assignments… how can this be happening ?

I received mine yesterday and had to configure everything manually as there was no default. When that issue you had happened I unplugged usb and reconnected it until it registered just the one key I selected.

By any chance does your thrust reverses and throttle work correctly? I can’t seem to figure it out.

Yes the revers are working by default. Workaround I found is to assign the buttons manually by selecting them in the drop box… auto-recognition does not always work as pressing on the master autopilot red button activate 3 buttons at the same time (8-21-24 etc).

I got mine today and have had the same issue. I would be happy doing it via the drop downs but the button numbers don’t match up with the poster chart they included!

Has anyone found a reference list for the buttons?