TCA Quadrant help

Just a simple question for those who have the TCA quadrant; I want to install the crossbar so the throttles move together but I need help in what alignment should I put the crossbar in so it could connect the throttle?

Edit: I got it in now

If you want the TCA quadrant to work properly with the A32NX mod, make sure you do these steps. To recalibrate and to set up the throttle config.

So, how does the crossbar work - what does it look like when in the throttles? Is the cross bar the L-shaped screwdriver tool in the bottom of the quadrant - if so, won’t this look rubbish when in between the throttles?

The Crossbar is a nice neat fit and is barely visible when used. I wouldn’t worry about the look as it’s hard to see.
You can put the crossbar in from either side so you can’t even see the L-shape

Thanks. You’ve provided the only picture of the crossbar in action that I can find. I took delivery of the TCA yoke and two throttle quadrants today - currently tearing my heart out to Mao buttons and functions. I thought a percentage of this was plug and play.

Some buttons and levers are plug & Play and have built-in coding that should
not be altered, like the gear up/down settings. ( if you have altered them you have to start again with a new default profile to fix it)
The flaps and speed brakes seem to always work out of the box for me.

In control options use the “Search” option and find the function you want then assign the button number or axis.