Tecnam P2006T by FSS released

FSS released a plane i am really looking forward too. The Tecnam P2006T.
FlightSim Studio - Tecnam P2006T MKII | Aerosoft Shop

Some first reviews are quite positive
Tecnam P2006T MkII by FSS for MSFS & XBOX | FIRST LOOK PREVIEW (MSFS) - YouTube

MSFS | FSS Tecnam P2006T - New Aircraft PREVIEW - First Look & Review! - YouTube

Will buy as soon it lands on Contrail. Hoping this will be a good one.

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I’ve been looking forward to this one. Think I will wait for a few more reviews before taking the plunge, but looks good so far!

Garmin after AAU01 update?

That looks surprisingly nice; definitely an aircraft type that I like. Would love to hear some more opinions considering the price.

I’ll have to do some reading on the Fifty Five X Autopilot - not bad, but she went nose down hard once I raised flaps cleanly, even though I had set some trim before that.



How does it fly/feel or whatever else you think about it?

I’ve literally had five minutes on before snow dig-out duty called but nothing untoward yet. Been reading up on RL Pireps to see how it matches up and I’ll get at least one more flight today, a few circuits and bumps to get used to the handling.

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I had my first filght and i like it. Its not fast, cruisen about 130-135 knots. I like the walk-around feature.

During my first flight on the P2006T, from Rotorua to Auckland, the handling was very fluid for me. I checked bus separation by turning on both cross-bus switches, that worked as expected.
Tested the landing gear circuit breaker and the manual landing gear extension mechanism.
At 3 knots crosswind, the landing at Auckland was silky smooth.
I did not check the recommended cruise power settings in the POH, so I instinctively set 22.5 MP@~2100RPM for cruise, achieved 129 knots at 5000 feet.
I forgot to pull up the chokes during flight, yet I did not see any effect of them on the RPM.
So far, an enjoyable aircraft. I decided to give it a go, despite the reputation FSS got by releasing the early access version of the E175.

First good flight, I eschewed my usual circuits and bumps - did a hop from Miami Exec to Key West in Live WX, Live Traffic.

  1. Take-offs are definitely squirrely - pre-T/O checklist notes neutral pitch and rudder trim, no adjustments in the T/O and Climb Normal Procedures. Be prepared to dial in some up trim even before flaps up.

  2. The aircraft is very slick - on approach you will dial down manifold a lot; I made a mistake and only landed with half instead of full flaps but it was a fast approach. The good news is she scrubs speed just as easily, so you can get into configuration quickly.

  3. The S-Tec 55X Autopilot - boy, we could have a dedicate thread for this one (just like the KAP-140 :slight_smile: ) - but cut to the chase - there is no FLC and there is no Coupled VNAV - notably because there are no buttons. You can invoke VNAV if you have a dedicated bind control (mine is using Mobiflight scripts) but it did not descend at ToD. Solution - you’re back to using the Range to Alt Arc, adjusting VS and power settings to arrive at the altitude fix. APR did work, but I was very low coming in over the cruise ships on KEYW 09. Sort of disappointing, but this is how the aircraft is configured in real life glass-cockpit wise.

  4. I read a few RL PIREPs, they all said the same thing - Final will look steep, especially to single-engine GA flyers. Do not flare early - my screenshot shows how flat I am before I reduced a bit more power (actually almost cut it) and pitched up just slightly to get mains on.

  5. While in cruise and under AP, use Free Look and enjoy some of the neat touches FSS made to the interior - I could open and close individual air vents in the pax/rear - very neat.

  6. Speaking of AP - always always always cross-check your VS rate direction - that little LED panel on the S-Tec barely shows +/- when dialing in VS. Cross-check with the FPM rate and direction on the PFD Altitude Tape.

  7. Guided Assistance Startup - the default pilot view stops showing where the controls are once you complete the Before Start Page. I reported this to FSS (contact page below).

Overall, it’s quite a fun little plane. I’m sure I’ll find more things to talk about as I get more hours with it.

Glitch in the external view once airborne - this is supposed to be the external view when Cold & Dark on the ramp, you can click on the chocks to remove them (alternatively, set Departing Condition in the tablet in-cockpit). Report bugs to FSS (https://www.flightsim-studio.com/contact/)

No VNAV - no problem - as long as you have a control binding to invoke VNAV (mine is using Mobiflight on my VKB GA Panel).

However, VNAV does not descend at ToD - you can fall back to the old trick of using Range-to-Alt arc (cyan banana), adjusting power and VS rate (1200 fpm = ~3.3 degrees) to arrive at the required altitude fix at the desired waypoint.

Too low over the cruise ship basin - definitely busting minimums - but it’s better to be a little low than too high especially at Final WP.

Very flat approach - it will look steep from the front office - don’t flare too early.

Disregard the NTSB Incident in progress. :slight_smile: That’s the bug where the airport is assigning contradictory headings simultaneously. But you can see the approach looks steep.


35€ ??? That’s quite steep.


Easiest way to get the chocks and tie-downs off is to use the Tablet, Preflight Tab and click Prepare for Departure. Or you can click on each section where there is a chock and tie-down; it will send you to the external camera view and you can click on the object to remove it before flight.

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Thanks for that detailed description. Still sound like a nice plane to me.

Informational - the Discord link on the FSS Tecnam Documents page is expired.

Use the one on the E-Jets page; I had to poke around to find this one.



Cape Air Livery?
Main reason I’d want this plane :slight_smile:

Edit: Aww, nevermind, they use the Tecnam 2012, completely different plane :frowning:

I was going to say, that’s not going to be a very profitable route given the '06’s useful load. :grinning:

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glad i am not the only one surprised by the massive amount of trim on take off. It will dive into the ground as soon as you take your hand off the stick, not a pilot but no other plane does that to me in the sim. Probably about 50% maybe more, trim to keep the nose from diving.


Oh good!! I thought it was just me. Tonight maybe the weights were all off. I’m hoping this can be fixed. I have the Velocity flight stick and it has a trim display. On takeoff it shows almost to the bottom of its range.


Sorry guys but anybody else has a problem disconnecting the AP? If i disconnect the AP its still active and I’m not able to control the aicraft manually…is there a special procedure for disconnecting the AP? Thx in advance

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