Tecnam P2006T by FSS released

What are you doing currently?

A very expensive add on that seems far from finished.
Flight is smooth and feels good but not sure how to read the trim display other than by reading the pop up label.
All attempts to shut an engine down in flight have failed…no fuel , no pump, no electrics ,prop feathered ( or not), throttle back and still it keeps turning.

I only bought this because I’d enjoyed the Wilco version in FSX and hoped for the best.

Oh and the disappearing pilots are associated with the ignition switches.

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the cabin textures and the fuel selector looks like low quality. I think the edges on the fuel selector are a no-go.

real photo:

low quality cabin texture:


Best to join their Discord or use the Support link I posted earlier in this thread. I don’t think FSS is monitoring this, and they couldn’t provide support activity here anyway per the rules.

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Loving this aircraft. Great work from the developers.

Had a little time with this now and generally I like it but it has flaws. The biggest of which for me is the non standard way in which a few of the controls have been implemented. It’s another one of those ones where standard items like pitot heat and avionics switches do not work with the events every dev should be using. The avionics I managed to get working albeit not the vc animation but the pitot heat is a no go and that’s a vc only switch as it currently stands. I’m only part way through getting my cockpit fully setup so based on what I’ve seen so far I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more like these.

TLDR: Proceed with caution if external control is your thing.


I have had exactly the same experience.
The bird is therefore currently mothballed in the back corner in the hangar


Yeah I got excited when I thought it was the 2012 as well.

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-Tail position lights does not illuminate.

-AP trimms AC while disconnected

-Extremely difficult to successfully start engines in cold weather, -5 - +5c. (20-30 blade rotation required, then maybe they start)

-Impossible to stall.

-No GPS/GPWS sounds/ callouts.

-Engine sounds are the same throughout the flight, throttle input/ prop pitch doesn’t affect sound. (Only clear differences are at take off, then it’s the same pitch until touch down)

-Pilot/ Copilot not visible until taxi.

-Sometimes spawns with dead battery.

-Propeller animations inflight looks good, however “choppy” at certain RPM.

-Autopilot reactiveness. “Oversteer”.

-Switches activates by them selves, can’t understand why but suddenly all field, bus and avionic switches go to on position without any input.

-Impossible to shut down engine in-flight.

Good idea of aircraft and enjoying it so far, however it’s not worth the current price at its current state. I do expect an update soon, feels almost like a scam releasing a “v.1” version that is far from finished…


Limited by Coherent GTUI Thread, as far as I know this has to do with 2D rendering of glass cockpit instruments. (Maybe something with their “Custom” G1000 Nxi? Which by the way, it’s not very custom, there are important pages missing and apparently the aircraft is equipped with weather radar…)
Longer flights with the tecnam? Not possible! FPS drops to terrifying 5 after 1 hour. Tested with other aircraft, at the moment PMDG 737 from Copenhagen to Malaga and still at satisfying 50FPS.

FSS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?? YouTube video with a resume of all bugs incoming later this week, for now I’ve grounded the aircraft until they update this alpha product.

I’ve flown for just over 1h 10m and the frame rate stayed steady at a capped 60 dropping to 49 over hills under heavy cloud at Ultra setting.
Then I went away for 30 minutes hoping to check the frame rate again but it had crashed to desktop.

I feel like a beta tester and with a Premium product " not fit for purpose "
If it gets to the Marketplace in this state , the forum will catch fire.


Extremely frustrating! This AC is not the fastest either so short flights (distance) are quite long (time) and after all spending 10-20 minutes trying to start up the aircraft a CTD is never welcome. Just finished a 5 hour flight on the PMDG with no fps drops at all, defenetly something to do with their “cuStOm” NXI.

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Dumb question from a rook, but is this plane supposed to be so slow? Barely hitting 100kts

It’s not fast by any stretch of the imagination but you should do better than that in cruise.

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With landing gear up, flaps up and both engines running, it can easily fly something between 120-130KIAS in cruise.

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I do like this plane a lot, But I would be pretty disappointed if I owned one IRL, twin engines and Turbo I assume, and it is slow as anything.

The useful load does not seem like much, I dont get the plane really? What is its USP?

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I agree - if i had the money for a plane - this would not be the one i would get. Its slow, its even slower with any load, struggles to get off the ground.
All that said - I am basing this observation on the sim and have NO idea how realistic this development is.
In all honesty its a disappointment as a purchase in sim for me personally.

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It’s a twin trainer. So ideal for that purpose and the other mission which is surveillance. If you have to loiter on station you want something that can fly nice and slow.


Fair enough, it does mention training on the site

I kind of hope, Got Friends mod it to have more powerful engines or something, and make it a nice touring plane or something.

According to Wikipedia it’s supposed to cruise at 145 knots. I feel like every plane I fly in MSFS is about 20 knots slower than what it says on Wikipedia.